7 Dog Questions Answered by a Pet Mom

Having adopted 7 different dog breeds over a span of 30 years, I can confidently say that you will find no one better to answer your most common dog-related questions. Over my years of experience, I have made a few mistakes like any fur parent and learned from them just like every other pet owner. Hence, I have addressed some common questions here.

1. Should I Buy or Adopt?

The answer is always to adopt. Rested Paws suggests over 1 million and a half animals are put to sleep every single year! Buy only for specific reasons. If you plan on entering your dog to a dog race, then definitely buy because you need to really buy a pup of certain parents who match the specified traits. If you are particular about a designer dog, you should again consider buying one from a breeder. Make sure to choose a reputed breed, though, as only authorized breeders will have the skills to breed right. I have usually adopted all my dogs except one mini Sheepadoodle that I bought from a reputed breeder as I had fallen in love with this breed and was very specific about getting one.

But the remaining dogs of mine were all from the shelter, and every one of them has been a darling to me. So if you just need a best friend, adopt as these animals need a good home and you can offer them one.

2. Should I Get Pet Insurance?

This is a gray area, as many people are confused about whether it is beneficial or not. You need to learn that your regular vet visits and vaccination are not covered in the insurance plans. The only time you can avail of this plan is when heaven forbid, your dog meets with an accident. So, this purely becomes a personal choice. If you feel you are a caring mom and your pet will always be safe with you or can afford a one-time expenditure, you can skip it. If you still want to take the insurance, there I no harm in it. The annual premium is not much, and you will always be tension-free. I would recommend you take one if you cannot afford expensive medical costs in case of an emergency, as this will give your pet a chance to live.

3. Why is My Dog’s Nose Dry?

We all know that a wet nose in a dog means the dog is healthy. The nose of any dog gets wet because of the combination of mucosal glands in the nose and as they frequently lick their dog. But that does not mean you should panic if your pup’s nose is dry, as there can be several reasons. A few common reasons are the puppy being out in the hot sun or just waking up from naptime when they do not lick on their nose, keeping it wet. However, if this condition persists and you see a cracked nose or bleeding, it is time to visit the vet.

4. How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Dogs are goofy animals who love to get dirty as they step out of the house. So, you may need to bathe your dog more frequently than you think. But there is no one answer to this, as it entirely depends on the dog’s breed. Hairless dogs need more bathing to keep their skin healthy. On the other hand, furred dogs do not need to be bathed that often. You need to brush the dog’s coat regularly, though, and give them a good bath every month.

Another time you should bathe your dog is when they get dirty after outdoor activity. You can use a dry shampoo if the dog is less dirty; otherwise, give them a proper bath.

5. Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth?

Absolutely yes, dog dental care is an important area you need to be careful about. Your dog is not is a superhero and tends to chew more things than you do. This means they are also prone to tartar and plaque, which can build up below the gum liner, causing different types of infection. You need to prevent any dental issues by brushing your dog at least thrice a week to avoid dental diseases. Make sure to use dog-specific toothpaste. You can also feed your dog dental chews that help to remove plaque and tarter. You should take your dog for an annual examination to learn of any issues in advance.

6. Can I Give My Dog Homemade Food?

Well, you can, but you should be really good at balancing the food. If not, better not risk it. Each food type has its own pros and cons. Homemade food is fresh, but if not balanced properly, can really make the dog deficient in specific nutrients, making their immune system weak. The other popular option is dry kibble, it well balanced, but many oppose it as it is processed.

Honestly, it is a personal choice. If you are ready to do the right work, you can make them homemade food or even go raw. If you do not have that much time, kibble is a safe bet. Just ensure you choose a reputed brand, By choosing Dog Food Uncovered, you’ll be able to provide your pup with a balanced meal that meets all of their nutritional needs and ensures they live a happy and healthy life!

7. Should I Give My Dog Treats?

The answer is a simple yes, you should, but there are terms and conditions attached. Firstly, treats shouldn’t be more than 10% of the dogs’ diet food calories. You should also check the ingredients of the treats to ensure it is truly healthy. You can give your dog fresh treats like apples, bananas, and carrots instead. Dehydrated chicken is also a high-value treat used during training as the dog will respond much better to chicken treats.

The Bottom Line:

You are bound to make a few mistakes initially, and it is ok. You should always keep reading and searching for your queries online. With so much information online, do not blindly take care of your dog. Educate yourself as your furry friend trusts you so much that they will never refuse to do anything you make them do, making it your responsibility to take care of their health.

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