From Pixels To Personality: Creating A Compelling Social Media Brand Identity

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In this generation, not a single brand is unaware of social media marketing. From generating leads and customers to driving traffic to business sites, businesses have been using social media platforms vehemently to promote their brands. If you are one of them, let us talk about building your brand identity on social media.

From building brand awareness to creating strategies to turn followers into customers, social media has never been more essential for businesses. And the thing most crucial for every business owner is their brand identity. You can never attract your dream customers unless you have a defined brand.

Creating a strong brand identity on social media has become truly vital for every business owner. So, continue reading below for tips on establishing a strong brand presence.

Understanding Brand Identity

What exactly is a brand identity? Let me clear the air for you. Brand identity is more than just getting more followers on Instagram with an attractive logo. While it is partially correct to think that a brand’s logo is the primary impression, it is not everything.

Brand identity is like the personality of your business. Your brand presence allows the audience to understand what your brand is about. It gives an impression beyond your extraordinary logo. It talks about what your brand is about, what your brand values, and how your business is different from others.

In other words, brand identity is how you communicate with the audience through your visual look, feel, and tone. Above all, it is about how your brand mingles with real people. The most important aspect of a brand identity is consistency. While content may differ depending on the platform, the basics remain consistent across social media platforms. That is what we call brand identity.

Building A Strong Brand Identity

Below are some ways to have a successful and impressive brand identity:

Create A Memorable Logo

While brand identity is more than just creating a logo, you have to start with the basics. Creating a memorable brand logo is a primary aspect of building a successful brand presence on social media. That is to say, 81% of customers have said they wish to buy from brands they can recognize and trust.

Hence, in order to let your audience visually connect with your brand, you have to create a logo they can remember on all platforms. Use colors and fonts that resonate with your business personality.

Once people start recognizing your logo on different platforms, you will start attracting a wider audience in the future. If you have yet to create a logo, you can rely on free logo makers to make things easier.

Focus On Your Palette

Other than your logo, choosing the right color palette is necessary to interact with your audience through a visual look. When users land on your page, they should witness the smooth flow of colors your brand represents. Each post should look like it belongs to your brand page.

For instance, take a look at high-end cosmetic brand pages on Instagram. Look at Kylie Skin or Rare Beauty. The moment you enter their page, you see consistency and cohesiveness. You can feel the weight and beauty of their brand in every individual post. That should be the same with your brand page.

Fix Your Tone

The next step to creating a brand identity is specifying your brand’s tone of voice. You have to decide whether your brand is witty or quiet. It is essential to decide whether your page will use vulgar and funny language or a formal and soft voice.

However, that is not to say that every post has to sound the same. That can make your brand boring. But, like creating color consistency, you need to fix a tone for your brand. Imagine you are vulgar and funny one day and in a soft mood the next. Your audience will fail to understand your brand at all.

Build Multiple Marketing Personas

While consistency is the key to creating a stable brand identity, be smart across different platforms. That is to say, you have to develop multiple marketing personas while maintaining a solid brand base.

In simple terms, your personas will vary depending on different social networks and their audience. For instance, you can target the Gen Z population on TikTok with videos while connecting with professionals on LinkedIn with informational images. The same content will not work well across both networks. So, you have to build multiple personas for your own advantage.

Learn Influencer Marketing

If you want to boost your brand identity further, collaborate with influencers immediately. Influencer marketing is one of the top marketing techniques opted for by high-end brands lately. However, it is not as easy as you might think.

Influencer marketing is not about finding an influencer and posting together. As long as we talk about brand identity, you have to be careful. Always connect with influencers who have the same aesthetic. You have to find creators whose content fits seamlessly into your brand posts. Hence, their posts cannot stick out. They should flow smoothly with your other posts.


As you can see, brand identity is more than just creating a unique logo. It is about how you allow your audience to perceive your brand. Brand identity exposes your brand’s true nature.

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