How To Introduce Your Kids To Cooking

We all want our kids to grow up with passions and interests, so whenever they do take a shine to a certain hobby or activity, we should only encourage this. If you have a child that is a budding chef, then embrace this and get them involved in mealtimes to help them to learn more in a safe, controlled environment. Of course, you’ll need child-safe equipment and should always be close by to keep an eye on them to ensure that they’re not putting themselves at any risk with equipment or apparatus. Other than that though, let’s get cooking – here we have listed some ways to ease your kids into the kitchen with you.

Write Your Best Recipes Down Together

First things first, you need some child-friendly recipes to work from. If you get yourself a beautiful recipe binder, you and your children can write up recipes for it together, adding and adjusting them as you go along. Then, you can order your all-time favorites and perfect each dish.

Get Experimental

Kids love trying out new things, so see if they have any ideas of their own. Do this within reason of course, but if you’re listening to what they’re saying and giving things a try then it will make them feel respected and heard. You never know, they might have some great ideas and you could discover an improved dish. This is a chance for them to find their cooking flair. Let them try to decorate and display your creations how they want as well. Presentation is just as important as the taste if they’re serious about cooking!

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Treat Them To Their Own Kitchen Gear

Consider gifting them a rolling pin or chopping board with their name on it with the word ‘chef’ on the front. You could also get them a chef’s hat and apron to complete the look. They’ll love that you’re supporting them and it will spur them on to carry on cooking and trying their best.

Watch Cooking Shows Together

Whether it’s The Great British Bake Off or Gordon’s Kitchen Nightmares, watching cooking shows together can inspire them how to (as well as how not to) act in the kitchen. You can get recipe ideas from these shows too. It can also highlight different cuisines to them, which you can then attempt to create together.

Get Them A Cooking Lesson

After you’ve cooked with them for a little while, if they enjoy it and are serious about continuing cooking or baking, then you should consider getting them a professional lesson, for them to learn the ropes from an expert. You never know, this could be the start of a successful career for them!

As long as you’re always present with your children when you’re cooking together, and that all the kitchen tasks they’re doing are age-appropriate, introducing them to cooking with you is a fantastic opportunity for you to bond as they learn and improve their skills. Get your aprons and chef’s hats on and start cooking up a storm today!