What You Need For That Family Winter Vacation

Are you planning a family winter getaway? You might want to take the kids to experience a proper snowy winter somewhere like Aspen or Lapland where they can go on sleigh rides and experience ice skating. If so, then you need to prepare a little bit more than you would for a summer holiday. For a summer sun vacation you only really need to remember the sunscreen and the nice light summery clothing, a whole different lot of packing is needed for the winter.

Once you have found the ideal destination for your family vacation then you need to think about what you will need for yourself and the kids both on the way and whilst there.


If you are flying or even driving to your destination then you and the kids will need some entertainment to keep you happy and calm. Plane packs are something you can buy online filled with lots of entertaining things for your children to do and to keep them occupied while traveling. You choose which gender and age you want and the packs are sent out to you, alternatively, you can make your own at home. Choose activities and things to do that you know your children will enjoy otherwise you may have a bored child on your hands.

You could also fill an iPad with their favorite tv shows or films to keep them entertained on the way there, Netflix has the option to download shows to watch offline which is very handy. The other option you have is to use handheld games consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or DS, they are very useful for when you are traveling with children.

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The most important thing you have to think about when going to a cold destination is what clothes you need for yourself and the children. They need to be able to keep warm and toasty but not be uncomfortable to do stuff in, such as sightseeing or sledding. If you are traveling with younger children then have a look online for toddler boy jackets and be sure to invest in a warm one. If you will be out for long periods then a hat, scarf, and gloves will also be necessary. Better yet for your little one, you can get gloves and mittens that are attached to the coat so you don’t lose them. For yourself, you should look into investing in a good quality thick coat or jacket to keep you warm while you are away.

Things To Do

Finally, before you venture away on your vacation you should think about if you want to do any activities while you are there. If you do then you should look into pre-booking them before you travel, you might get a better deal if you do this. You may also be eligible for a multi deal if there is the option to book more than one activity or day out.

It is always better to keep the kids busy while you are away, make lots of memories and take lots of pictures. They will be talking about it for years to come.