5 Accessories That Make Life a Little Easier

You’re a busy mom, maybe you have a job as well as the home to look after, and to be honest, just looking after a home, the kids, and a partner will make you busy enough, so who doesn’t need a few accessories in their life to make things a little bit easier to bear?

Time Savers Are Life Savers

The fact of the matter is time is limited these days, and there’s always something more pressing than whatever you’re doing now. There seems to be an ever-present need to be more efficient and help save time and energy wherever you can.

These five accessories are small, discreet, useful, time-saving, and just generally awesome to own, and they’re approved by moms everywhere in order to make life that little bit easier!

A Good Pair of Reading Glasses

Everyone’s eyes will age eventually, and everyone will need to invest in reading glasses to help them cope with reading.

Sure, you can use your cellphone to magnify the words on a page and make them easier to read, but that’s a lot of effort, and practically every magnifying app comes with a bunch of adverts that will impede usage.

Invest in a few good pairs of reading glasses and keep them close by, especially a pair in your purse for reading on the go!

A Travel Mug

How does a travel mug make life easier? It means being able to enjoy that lovely cup of coffee you make at home on the go, and what mom isn’t always on the go?

Waste from single-use coffee cups has been found on practically every beach in the world, and the worst part is that these cardboard and plastic cups don’t even keep your coffee warm, and some even make the coffee taste awful.

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Get a good bamboo or wheat straw travel mug; even a metal mug will be better than those dreadful ones to go that you get from some coffee shops!

Vacuum Storage Bags

Maybe you should cut down on the number of clothes you have? No way! Grab yourself a few vacuum storage bags and save space by putting your winter clothes away during summer and vice versa.

These bags can be easily stored in the attic or under your bed, and you can expand their uses for things like spare guest pillows and blankets too.

A Bluetooth Key Fob

When was the last time you put your keys down, and five minutes later, they were gone?

Wasting time hunting for keys in the morning when you’re running late is a thing of the past with a Bluetooth key finder. Most of the key fobs on the market work on Bluetooth and respond to whistles, and some are clever enough to use an app on your cellphone to help you locate the missing keys more easily.

Fridge Liners

Fridge liners are popular on Pinterest as a cleaning hack because they work so well.

Line your shelves and drawers with a removable silicone base for easy cleaning and maintenance, and upgrade the look of your fridge at the same time!