3 Family-Friendly Design Ideas To Make Your House A Home For Every Member

There’s a saying that one’s home should be their “personal castle.” But it must also…

There’s a saying that one’s home should be their “personal castle.” But it must also be a safe place that welcomes every member of the family. However, nearly 42 percent of people say they don’t feel comfortable at home in their house, according to IKEA’s latest Life At Home Report. A large part of this is due to poor home design.

So how do you design your home to be more family-friendly? Read on to discover all the exciting ways you can create a family-friendly space that everyone will love for years to come.

Make Displays Out Of Memories

Your house will be the focal point of your children’s formative years. Most of their earliest memories will be made here. One of the most fulfilling periods of your life as parents, child-rearing, will be centered around your house as well. One of the best ways to make your house a home for your entire family is to catalog that journey through displays, any way you can.

This goes a bit deeper than simply framing the drawings your kids put up on the fridge. You can also make dioramas out of rocks, seashells, and other memorabilia from your outings together. Their favorite books can be arranged cover-forward to turn them into something of an art exhibit themselves. Put up pictures that depict core memories in the home in relevant areas. For example, the kids’ first time helping in the kitchen.

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Give Each Family Member Their Own Personal Space

The home is every family member’s sanctuary, but they should also have inner sanctums within the home itself. This is vital for emotional well-being. That doesn’t mean they can’t share rooms with others. It has to be an area whose general look and feel they’ll never get tired of. That can be done by investing in major design features that don’t need much maintenance, such as wood effect tiles instead of real wooden floorboards that can degrade with time.

Fill the rooms with pieces of their life that are uniquely theirs, and give them free rein to change up accents and trimmings to their liking. For example, you can design a hobbyist’s corner for dad and an art nook for mom in the master bedroom. It’s generally better to enjoy your hobbies in one another’s presence, even if they aren’t the same hobbies. Which brings us to the next design idea.

Design Areas Where Different Family Members Can Interact And Bond

Everyone deserves spaces in the home that fill them with a sense of belonging. This isn’t limited to each individual’s room but also places where family members spend time together. This means spaces like play areas, art corners, music rooms, and the like. Such areas will benefit from having an open, spacious design and soft seating areas, further enhancing their welcoming vibe.

For example, you can set up a casual breakfast nook, where mom and dad can discuss things over toast and coffee as the kids take their breakfast at the table. It’ll also be a great place to debrief and talk about the day’s events. Play areas can include every child’s toys and encourage them to learn social skills by playing with one another. Arts corners, music rooms, and other hobby areas are fantastic places for family members to share their passions and teach them what they know.

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A warm and nurturing atmosphere is the lifeblood of any home, but poor design can seriously hamper this effect. With the right touches, however, you can even enhance it in a way that’ll create warmth and comfort in your space.