Raising a Baby is Not Easy: 5 Tips and Tricks to Get the Job Done

mom is raising a baby while working at home.

Every first-time parent knows how tough it is to raise a baby. Modern parents truly struggle to get their babies on the right path and keep their mental health together simultaneously. Unlike before, the pressure today on young parents is much greater.

Although the internet is full of lectures about what modern parents should do, it seems like they are less informed than ever. We won’t try to give lectures, but we will share our personal experiences and add value to your raising children from the youngest age.

In this article, we share five tips and tricks that you may find useful when raising your newborn. If you’re struggling with a baby and its constant cries, you might want to try some of these ideas. They might be just what you’re looking for.

1. Fresh air is more valuable than the AC

Although parents tend to create the perfect temperature in the room for their baby, they are often mistaken because ACs produce the perfect temperature but not the perfect air quality. Although ACs are crucial for those super-hot summer days, they might be a real problem.

If your baby is crying more than they should be, the air quality in the room might not be perfect for them. Understand that these are their first days out of the womb, and the tiny particles from the AC cause a strange feeling for them. All you might need to do is open the windows and let some fresh air inside. If they fall asleep right after, keep the AC to the minimum.

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2. Swaddle clothes are a lifesaver

Do you know what a swaddle is? It is a tiny piece of clothing designed to keep the baby’s arms and legs in place. This is highly important, especially while the baby is only a few weeks old, because of a very simple and understandable reason.

Your baby’s arms moving scares them. They can also hurt themselves or at least touch themselves and cause panic because they don’t understand what’s happening. The swaddle keeps their hands in place, causing them to be calm and fall asleep without distractions.

3. Don’t spend money on over-expensive items

Many parents will spend top dollars on items that do almost nothing. They spend thousands of dollars on swinging items, toys, musical instruments, and all kinds of stuff, while their babies are not capable of noticing any of these things.

The only things your baby recognizes and loves are their parents’ sound and smell. Babies rely mostly on their emotions and rarely on their understanding which is non-existing, or their eyes and ears. Lots of babies will find baby swings annoying and will only cry while inside. If you want to make them comfortable and happy, you should keep them in your lap while gently moving your legs slowly.

4. Set a routine for your baby from the first moment you step home

Babies are like little soldiers – they love a routine and won’t obey your orders if you’re not strict. Sounds a bit harsh? That’s because there’s no other way. Set a routine for your baby from the first moment you all step inside the home, and you’ll see they love it.

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What does this mean? It means that you need to determine when it is time to eat, sleep, play, and have a walk outside. If you do everything at the exact time of the day without exceptions, your baby will be happy and comply with everything you ask them. If they understand that every day at 7 PM, they are having a bath, after a week or so, they’ll be happy about the event, and you’ll never hear screams or crying about it.

5. Your baby only needs parent support and care, nothing else

The best advice you can get as a parent is to spend more time with your baby than do anything else. Many parents are trying to chase their careers and raise babies at the same time, but this is nearly impossible. You can only have two in the triangle of your baby, yourself, and your job.

It’s up to you to choose what it will be. Be sure you’ll lose yourself if you’re trying to keep your baby and your boss satisfied simultaneously. Take a few months off, and spend some of the best days of your life snuggling and laughing with your baby. After that, go back to work because that’s how your baby will be happiest.


These are some of the most valuable tips and tricks you can hear as a parent. Follow what we discussed in the points above, and you can be sure that you and your baby will be as happy as possible.