Helpful things to have in place before baby arrives

When you have a baby on the way, it’s easy to think that you have over 9 months to get things right before they arrive. But name choosing, maternity appointments, scans, resting, and your growing bump seem to accelerate time, and before you know it, your due date has almost arrived!

It’s perfectly natural to believe that you’re not ready for the arrival of your newborn – very few parents ever feel ready! But having certain elements in place can give you confidence and reassurance, giving you more time to focus on enjoying your new baby and loving every moment.

Let’s take a look at some of the helpful things to have in place before your baby arrives.

A Junior ISA

Looking ahead to your child’s future seems a little hasty, considering they’re only a few days old. However, taking care of their financial future will not only set them up for their adult life but give you peace of mind. Consider opening a junior ISA account for your little one and you can save up to £9000 a year, in a tax-efficient way. Whether you decide to invest in a Junior Cash ISA or a Junior Stocks and Shares option, the money you save for your children is theirs, and they can access it from the moment they turn 18. Giving you plenty of time to create the perfect nest egg for them to enjoy when they become an adult.

Think about childcare

If you have other children at home, then you might want to consider some childcare options for when you go into labour, or if you’re expected to stay in hospital for a few days following the birth. Knowing that your other children are cared for and secure will help you relax and focus on the task at hand! Reach out to friends and family and decide whether they should come to your home or your children should stay with them.

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Have everything you need on each floor

If you’re living in a multistorey home, then the last thing you want is to search high and low for nappies, wipes and anything else you need. Setting up changing areas and having supplies on each floor will make life easier for you.

Prepare yourself for postpartum

Mothers-to-be are always told to focus on the birth, and once the baby arrives attention will turn to your newborn – which is understandable! Postpartum isn’t discussed as much as it should be, and while your midwife will offer advice, preparing yourself for the realities of post-birth will make this period much easier. Stock up on painkillers, maxi/sanitary pads, comfortable underwear, nursing bras, loose-fitting clothing and even a peri bottle to help with discomfort when you use the bathroom. What you need may vary if you have a C-Section or vaginal birth, so speak with your midwife if you’re unsure.

Final thoughts…

Unsure if you have everything in place before your baby arrives? Don’t panic! Discuss your concerns with your partner, friends or family and take the steps needed to give yourself peace of mind.