Tips to Deal with a Whiny Baby

Deal with a Whiny Baby

For any newborn baby till it attains a certain age it is not possible to have reasoning abilities. Those babies will be driven by needs and emotions with the support of parents or other elder people. One possible and most common way of expressing their feelings and emotions is only through whining.

Whining in babies is generally the form of expression of the form of frustration for some inability to perform some activities or because of some unexpected result to perform an action. The baby may break into tears as a response to some actions or manifest feelings like hunger, tiredness or pain. Sometimes whining is also the form of communication since in that stage only when the baby is crying it can draw attention from its parent. Here are some tips to deal with the whining baby.

Stay Calm

It is more common to lose control when a baby is whining for a long time. When the baby feels that you are much bothered about the whining of the child it will consider that as a win. So do not get tensed and make your baby understand that you are concentrating it when it is whining and only when it is speaking properly you are listening to it.

Encourage for Good Behavior

Encourage is always a boost for better behavior! When your baby is crying you will generally tell them not to cry and ask they want. Even when they are not whining it is necessary to encourage them like “I am that you have asked this in a nice manner without whining” this will give a good feel and also serves as a key to encourage them.

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Pay Attention to the Food and Nap Time

As a baby, your baby will not be able to ask out loud during hunger and when it feels to sleep. There will be some time in regular practice in taking food and to sleep. In this stage, it is necessary to provide them appropriately. This will prevent whining by the child.

Make note of the Content of Sugar

Sugar cannot be given in any quantity. When the intake of sugar is high there are some chances for the kid to become hyper and in case of low sugar, the baby becomes whiny. Do not concentrate on the sugar content only on the sweets or milk; there is some sugar content in the form of juices and also processed food.


In that too small age, do not expect more disciplines and to follow your strict rules. Do not forget that they have not even completed their age in playing. Be adjustable and try to compromise certain situations.

Take care of the Temperature

Normally there is some temperature level that is necessary. Even being a grown-up, people will not be able to tolerate in the too hot or in too warm temperatures. Babies are too sensitive to the temperature and it is necessary to maintain in the right condition.

What are Whining Baby Behaviors?

The behavior of the baby when whining will be based on the reason for which they are crying. Below are examples of the whining babies’ behaviors.

  • One common reason for any baby to be whining is due to hunger, the stomach of the baby will be too small and that will not be able to hold more food and because of that they use to be whining. During such cases, when the mother breastfeeds or when some food or milk is given for the baby it stops crying.
  • Some babies cry because there is a requirement of some comfort. Babies generally need lots of cuddling, reassurance to comfort and also some physical contact. At the times the baby will behave by crying too much and it will not get comfort anyone’s handling to expect some close ones like parents. For crying this it is just enough for swaying and singing them close to them. This distracts and creates a comfortable feel to them.
  • At a very small age, it is necessary for a child to have a good sleeping. It is necessary to make them sleep in the right can conveniently place. The child during the time when they feel sleepy they will cry and they will not be able to listen to your words or play. When you comfort them to sleep it sleep well and get up. Similarly, when there is a lack of sleep also they will be whining and will be tired.
  • Growing up a child is not an easy task, there is lots of patience and care is highly necessary for it. The child will not be able to ask aloud about the needs. You should be understanding the need of the child and take care right the day one of your children in your womb.
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Lastly, you can introduce new rules for asking nicely in order to get things. If you don’t help your kid to practice a good manner effectively, then this whining may get worse and might also affect his future. Nobody wants to be around a whiny kid, so there might be a problem for your kid to adjust in the school and in the society, keep in mind that your goal is to help your kid to be the best he can be.