3 y/o Realizes She’s 100% Over Her Christmas Presents

Three-year-old Beatrice didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.

“I’m just over them. I want to burn them in a pile,” the young child said of her Christmas presents. She didn’t look up from her iPad as she described the joy she experienced opening them on December 25th, two short weeks ago.

“It was downright magical,” Beatrice squeaked in her little voice. “I mean, I knew I’d been good but I wasn’t expecting that many gifts. The thrill of opening one after the other…I felt like a princess.”

Her favorite toy of the day had been the Frozen Winter Wonderland Dollhouse (retail price $179.99) that had taken her parents six hours to put together.

“The door broke off already. China, amirite,” Beatrice said, seamlessly navigating from one app to another on her tablet. “Anyway, Frozen is so 2014.”

Beatrice’s parents are at odds with what to do with the toys that litter their family’s living room. “It was a mess before. Now there’s even more crap to trip over at 2AM. Next year’s she’s getting an 8-pack of crayons.”

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