Art can Help Young Mums Regain Control Over Their Lives

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Being a new mom can be overwhelming, so you have to find a way to take a break from the ordinary and express your feelings and emotions freely. Art has always been people’s way to escape reality, so if you have always been enthusiastic about it, it might be helpful to find your true self again too. Art can’t be defined just by the visual work pieces you can see in galleries and museums. Besides paintings, drawings and sculptures, art takes several forms: music, literature, movies and photography, for instance, can have a significant impact on people’s emotions as well. This is what art actually is, the way society perceives the world based on the way artists share their vision of the world for people that might relate to their way of thinking. The art world is a safe, peaceful place where anyone’s emotions are welcome. In this article, you can find the ways art can impact your perspective and help you regain control over your new mum life:

Art is everywhere

Let’s start by saying that you are surrounded by art anywhere you go, as it is created in many forms; inspired artists find creative ways to expose their ideas and make them accessible for everyone, for example, when you walk through your cities’ buildings you might see beautiful street art paintings on the walls and probably stop to admire the gorgeous artwork. This is the power art has on our lives; it makes us stop, stare, reflect and admire while creating a feeling. Whenever you listen to your favourite song and dance thought-free, or when you capture in a photo the beauty of a natural landscape, you experience the power of art. Besides its beauty, art can also impact your perspective on life, as it helps you learn to value apparently insignificant details, seeing the beauty behind them and taking every chance to find a positive meaning in your everyday experiences.

Art can help you find your true self

Have you ever felt the sudden need to change your style and express your true self? This happens quite often to young moms. Art can give you the courage to dive into who you really are and express yourself freely.Writing heartfelt poems when you can’t speak up because of the fear of being judged, creating music that transmits your emotions, sitting down quietly and painting a colourful canvas of feelings are the healthy ways art can make you embrace who you are now, that your entire world has changed. Another common social proof of how art can inspire your true self is tattoos, designed to draw your life story on your body. You wouldn’t be the first mom to tattoo your love for your baby on your skin in a beautiful piece that has a special meaning to you. Despite the social pressure to live by specific standards, art can be an escape from the ordinary, as it helps you minimise stressful thoughts and permits you to embrace your identity. Colours, for instance, are people’s favourite way to show their personality and dress according to the emotions they want to transmit; having a favourite colour can expose to society a peek of your true self.

Art can be part of your daily life

Integrating art into your daily life can have a significant impact on your mental health. Experts consider that hanging art pieces around your house, besides being a method to elevate your home décor, can also have a calming effect, giving a sense of peace as a therapeutic experience in the comfort of your own house. Consider expressing your personality with beautiful photography prints or paintings to mitigate your anxious thoughts. Purchasing artwork doesn’t have to be expensive; for instance, on, you can find stylish prints that can enhance your sense of well-being and display a glance of your personality on your walls. Photography also helps you recall beautiful memories of happy moments in your life and it can be a meaningful emotional experience.

Art making as a form of therapy

For the past few years, therapists have been using art-making as a way for patients to explore their feelings, cope with stress and negative emotions and boost their self-esteem. The benefits of art therapy are endless if you deal with postpartum anxiety and depression, as it helps you relieve negative thoughts and emotions. But why does art have such a strong psychological impact? Having contact with art involves using the parts of our brain that process senses and the ones responsible for emotions, cognition and memory. Through art, your brain makes you feel more connected to yourself and get control over your feelings, mitigating the negative activity in your brain’s chemistry. For example, colouring, painting, or making music helps you concentrate on the process, mitigating the fearful thoughts of not doing it right because you are expressing yourself freely without sticking to any standards. In this way, art balances your emotions and induces a relaxing state of mind.

Art connects people

Art is an impactful tool to understand each other better, share emotions and ideas and build a stronger community despite our geographical borders, nationalities and cultures. You can use art as a way to interact with other young moms who share your enthusiasm for it.

Artists all around the world also create movements and foundations to raise awareness about critical social problems, using their work to provoke introspection and represent uncomfortable realities that need to stand out, like social stereotypes, feminism and conflicts between generations. This is how artists promote art as a way to make a change in the world. Moreover, choosing art as a way of emotional expression can be inspiring for other people because they might relate to your words, music or artwork pieces, giving a sense of comfort in being understood.

The bottom line

Art encourages you to embrace your true self; it helps you manage your dark thoughts and influences your perspective on life because, through art, the world becomes more colourful, people conquer their freedom of thought, and can learn that beauty can be found in priceless little things.

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