Young Adult

A young adult is a person of any age between their mid-teens or early twenties to their thirties. Young adults are typically characterized by “immature” attitudes, lifestyles, and behaviors. Although opinions and definitions about the young adult vary, such as Erik Erikson’s stages in development. The time in your life when you are young and an adult is called “young adulthood.”

Young adulthood is often a transitional time between childhood and becoming an adult. Young adults are also known as “Adulthood” or “Transitional Age Youth.” With the help of young adults, society can begin to change for the better through their participation in important decision-making. This period of life is oftentimes referred to as the teenage years by social scientists and psychologists.

The biological characteristic of a young adult is puberty. Puberty is the physical changes that usually occur in early adolescence, between the ages 11–14. These physical changes are sexual maturity and increased production of sex hormones, widening the inseam and growth of pubic hair. On average in girls, menarche (the first menstrual period) occurs at 12.5 years of age, slightly earlier than boys (age 14). Since the young adult is transitioning from adolescence to adulthood they are almost always associated with increased risk-taking behaviors. Though it might be considered that youth should have more time for exercise, exploration, and play because they aren’t fully developed yet, as well.