A toddler is a child who is about 12 months to 36 months years old. The word can have different definitions, during the toddler years, your baby will learn a lot. They will develop their brain and emotions. And they will also learn to be socially active with other kids. The word “toddler” means a small kid who can’t walk well yet.

The first sign that a child is becoming a toddler is when they stop crying and become interested in their surroundings. Many people think that the word “toddler” means a baby, but it actually means a young child, usually between 1 and 2 years old. The term “baby-toddler” can be used in some cases when referring to a child of any age who is learning to walk.

During this stage, the child’s awareness keeps increasing to become more integrated with their whole self. This integration includes their body, and needs. The toddler also keeps developing new abilities, which allows them to explore their environment without worrying too much about danger. Many changes take place in the toddler years. By age 1, children may stand holding onto furniture and even begin to cruise by strolling along with furniture or holding onto other items such as toys or chairs that are placed next to walls. At around 18 months of age, toddlers start walking unassisted.

At around 2 years of age, toddlers can usually say between three and four words clearly. They know what’s going on more than they used to. Their language continues to grow, so they can talk about what happened during the day or even tell stories. Toddlers are able to use both hands rather thaan one at a time for tasks. They may also show signs of attraction to other children by smiling, touching, and playing together (if the children are familiar).