Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy has both signs and symptoms. They are common, benign conditions caused by the changes to your body during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, the signs and symptoms will change over time. But some may stay the same. Depending on how serious it is, common symptoms in pregnancy can turn into big problems. In pregnancy, some symptoms may happen at different times and some may happen in different areas of the body.

There are also some early signs and symptoms of pregnancy that aren’t so pleasant. Besides having to run to the bathroom every chance you get, your boobs will probably be sore, and if morning sickness hits, it sucks even worse than it did before. Pregnancy symptoms start appearing once you are around 2 weeks after conception. Most pregnant women experience all of them, but they vary in intensity and the amount of time spent on each symptom.

The signs and symptoms of pregnancy begin with a missed menstrual cycle. The most common symptom is a delay at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. If pregnancy has occurred, there will be an increase in vaginal discharge during this time; the color may change from pink to brown. The increased levels of progesterone during early pregnancy cause nausea and vomiting. Which tends to occur later during the first trimester.

The symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman, and some women experience symptoms earlier than others. Also, the levels of different hormones in your body change as you progress through your pregnancy. So if you’ve been pregnant before, or if this is your second (or more) pregnancy, you might not experience all of the same symptoms that you did during other pregnancies.