Preschool is the transitional stage between early childhood and primary education. In most parts of the world, it takes place from around three years of age to somewhere before the first year of primary school. It may have been preceded by kindergarten or pre-kindergarten. The terms preschool are interchangeable with daycare, child care, nursery school, and/or kindergarten.

A preschool particularly encourages growth in children. The activities provided by this establishment are also very helpful to help with growth development in children. When somebody says that they will go to preschool it means that they will be attending a place where education is given during their childhood years. Most preschools give formal instruction in such subjects as language, social skills, and personal development. They also often offer artistic activities, such as drawing and painting, music, movement and dance, and theatre.

Preschool is a formal learning space intended as part of early childhood education (ECE) that provides educational opportunities for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-kindergartners. Preschools are an important part of the education system of many countries. They provide a wide variety of care and early learning experiences for children from age three to five. In most parts of the world, they are equipped with teachers and staff that mostly promote development in children.

Though the definition of preschool varies widely. Some consider it to be child care, while others define preschool as child development, the learning process that takes place when a child is between birth and age six. Many would agree that preschool refers to an educational institution for children between three and five years old. The National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) believes that the preschool years span the time from a child’s third birthday until he or she begins kindergarten. This is often considered to be from birth until age five since children generally start kindergarten at about age five or six, as well.