Prenatal Care

Prenatal care or antenatal care is a type of preventive health care for the mother and baby. It includes regular check-ups during pregnancy to monitor the health of pregnant women and their babies, to identify any early signs of complications that may arise in the mother or child, to treat them if need be, and to educate mothers about pregnancy, birth, postnatal care, and baby-raising.

Prenatal care is important for all pregnancies regardless of their circumstances or the planning status of the mother. Pregnancy is a great physical challenge in which many changes in body systems are needed to accommodate the new life inside. Prenatal care is provided through medical checkups. It is the care with recommendations on how to live a healthy life and also has medical information. Prenatal care is important because it can help with prenatal screening and diagnosis, miscarriages, birth defects, and other preventable health problems.

Prenatal care is of two types, which are medical and holistic. Medical prenatal care includes all the tests that are done to check if everything is going right with the baby or mother. Some of these tests include ultrasounds, glucose tests for diabetes, HbA1c blood tests for diabetes, urine analysis, etc. Holistic prenatal care includes all procedures to ensure that the mother is well enough to bear the child.

Prenatal care is essential for every woman, regardless of whether she plans on keeping her baby or not. It can help with early detection and treatment of health problems in the mother and baby, as well as help prepare the parents-to-be for what’s to come in the next nine months and beyond.