Newborn Care and Safety

Newborn care is any kind of procedure or practice that is used to make sure a newborn child is kept safe and healthy. One reason is that children at this age are extremely small and fragile. They have only known the inside of the womb. For this reason, they are often kept in an incubator. A new baby has many different needs that must be met right away. If just one thing is wrong or missing, the child may get sick or die. Newborn care is usually taught to the parents of new babies, but nurses are also trained to perform them too.

Newborn care and safety precautions include keeping all surfaces, bedding, clothing clean. This is important to prevent germs from being passed back and forth between family members or from being picked up from surfaces. It also helps prevent the baby from getting sick. Make sure your baby doesn’t get too hot – keeping their room cool and dressing them in light clothing. Sleeping babies should wear a diaper and a one-piece sleeper, or just a diaper for older infants.

Therefore, care of the newborn infant is important to ensure that the child gets a healthy start in life. Some common birth injuries are caused by a lack of awareness or knowledge about how to hold an infant safely. Such as preventing injury from falling, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and suffocation. Newborn care and safety during bathing, changing diapers, infections control may also be necessary. Proper planning can help reduce injuries or illnesses that result from improper handling of newborns.

As well as a baby’s skin is very sensitive to touch, so try not to use too many products on their skin. They don’t need any lotion or oils because they are already moist from the womb. Babies have a natural coating of vernix that will protect them for about 6 months after birth before it washes off in the bath. Therefore, there are many safety rules are available in regrading for newborn care or safety.