A female parent of a child is called a mother. Mothers are women who have children that they care for. Neither the mother nor the children need to be related. Mothers do not need to be biologically related to their children in order to call themselves mothers. In some cases, mothers are people who have given birth. In other cases, mothers are people who have raised children. And in still other cases, a mother is a person who has supplied an ovum for fertilization of the egg.

An adoptive mother is a woman who has adopted a child and become the parent of the child. A biological mother is a female who gives birth to a baby. This can happen when the mother has sex with a man and gets pregnant or if she uses an egg from another woman. A putative mother is a woman who might be the mother of a child but they are not sure because the biological relationship has not been established. Usually, this is because the child was born to a surrogate mother.

A stepmother is a woman who marries the father of one or more children but whose own children are not biologically related. A woman who has acted as or served such women prefers to be called “surrogate mothers”. Mothers are responsible for taking care of their child’s needs. Additionally, it is up to mothers to teach their children life lessons.

The adjective word “Maternal” means to be like a mother. It is different than “Paternal” which means to be like the father. The verb “to mother” means to procreate a child. This also makes the word “mothering.” You can call your mother a mama, mommy, mom, or mummy. If you need to, you can also call her “mumsy” or “Mamacita.” A female who is a role model is sometimes called a “mother figure.” Mothers are compassionate, kindhearted people who will give their last breath if it means that their child will be protected. They are not just women who have children, but rather they are the most important role in a child’s life.