Kindergarten is an educational institution for children usually under the age of five or six. In some countries, it is also an institution for older students who have graduated from preschool or primary school. Kindergarten is an institution where children spend most of their time as they learn to play as part of the learning process. It is a place for socialization and fun as well as an introduction to education. Kindergarten was first made in the 18th century in Bavaria and Alsace. It was made for children whose parents both work outside the home. The term “kindergarten” derives from the German words “kinder” (“children”) and “Garten” (“garden”). This word is often used by Germans to describe preteen education. The word “kindergarten” was first used by a man named Friedrich Fröbel, who is from Germany. In its original meaning, kindergarten refers specifically to an institution in which younger children are taught at prearranged times the basics of reading and writing.

Today, the term is used to describe different types of schools for kids under 6 years old. Kindergarten is a school that attends a class that may teach math, reading, storytelling, and other skills for the future. Kindergarten is generally the first year before primary school in which children are given early instruction in skills required for learning.