In human society, family is termed derived from the Latin word familia. A family is a group of people related by blood, marriage, or adoption. In another word, they are related to each other by consanguinity or affinity. A family’s purpose is to take care of themselves and everyone in the family. Families would help people grow and mature, they can also provide structure and safety to the community.

Generally, there are three types of family, the first type is the Nuclear family. A nuclear family consists of two parents and their children only. They would live together in one house. This was probably the most popular type of family that you have heard about before.

The next kind is a Single parent family where one parent takes care of all the children. This is very common for stay-at-home single mums taking care of their children. The last type of family is Extended families or Joint families where there are multiple generations living together usually in one house with the older generation looking after the younger ones.

A family does not only consist of parents and children but also grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. Families can be formed under different circumstances. Family is the strong pillar of society that holds everyone together. Without families, people would still be living alone on the streets. A big happy family is one of the most important things that you should work for in life.