Babysitting is when you are taking care of someone's child. This can be for a little while or for the whole day. Babysitting can be a job that pays people to do it. However, it is best known as a temporary activity for teenagers who are too young to work in the general economy. It provides autonomy from parental control and dispensable income, as well as provides an introduction to the techniques of childcare. This is stimulated an outpouring of folk culture in the form of urban legends, pulp novels, and horror films.

The concept of babysitting is to take care of children in the absence of their parents. Babysitting is a short-term job, often a temporary one. It can be done informally by “babysitters”. Many people find it necessary to hire a babysitter for their children to give them time alone or get important chores done. The sitter is responsible for providing food, drink, and/or supervision while the parents are away. Babysitting is the care of a child by an adult or teenager, usually part-time, particularly while the parents of the child are out or engaged in activities other than parenting.

The word babysitter is firstly used in 1937. Being a babysitter has the opportunity to provide daily exercise, nutrition education, time management lessons, and development opportunities. Whether you're an introvert looking for old-fashioned quality time with family or an outgoing college student who wants some extra money on the weekends. However, in most cases, the service needs to be registered with some governmental entity so that unqualified or irresponsible nannies are less likely to find employment, as well.