After-School Activity

After-school activities are activities that students participate in for recreation, personal development, and physical fitness. They can be an important part of a student’s life outside the school setting. After-school activity (ASA) is any activity or program in which the student participating spends his/her time after school hours in a program, run by another organization or individual.

After-school activities are very important. They are a type of parenting that helps your children gaining leadership and social skills through participating in organized activities. Further, some activities or programs have tried to make it so that the achievement gap is smaller or the gap in performance between white students and students of color. This is measured by standardized tests.

The after-school activity helps the youth to meet other children, learn new things, make friends, and keep them away from crime or violence. It has been proven that students who are involved in after-school activities are more likely to attend school regularly, show up on time for class each day, and get better grades. This helps the children to get a lot of benefits from their after-school activity such as improves social skills, personal growth, teamwork, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and discipline.

After-school activity can be either school-sponsored or non-school sponsored, school-sponsored typically include athletics and clubs, while non-school sponsorships have a variety of options such as fine arts and recreation programs. A plethora of extracurricular programs are available to children and teens of all ages, some on a school-sponsored basis, others on a non-school sponsored basis. Some after-school activities are based in schools but have no ties to the school itself while others are run by businesses or commercial organizations.