What to Know about Women’s Street Wear

The first step to choosing the best street wear for your needs is to take your inspiration from social changes. Because it is an indication of the style and future of style, women’s streetwear is an important element of the fashion industry as a whole.

At the moment, women’s streetwear can be classified in very distinct trends that represent two different sides of the industry. While a global interest in free style has produced a tendency toward the comfortable and relaxed, the changing political views have called for something more masculine and eco-conscious.

2020 Trend In Women’s Streetwear

The latest trends in women’s streetwear have experienced a stylistic shift in the direction of a formal protest, instead of just fitness. At the very center of this new trend is the climate crisis, global social unrest and even the occurrence of the recent pandemic. You can best understand this new emerging trend by considering these five elements.

1. Oversized

This is where we have come to notice a considerable switch from the body-tight, skinny styles to a more baggy, loose and even oversized look. Best described as obnoxious and complex, stylish women in 2021 will be dressed in unflattering apparel — but does that really matter if you are comfortable as possible.

2. Bold Sneakers

In the same category of unflattering styles that will be in the spotlight in 2021 are the “ugly” sneakers that are all the rave right now. Raf Simmons conceptualized the style and Balenciega was quick to popularize the look. Now platform-esque sneakers are going to be a hot item by the end of the year. The bold looking sneakers will be the perfect thing to combine with large oversized streetwear.

3. Touched-up Classic-casual

California surf culture has produced an interesting blend of classic and casual looks. This is where streetwear culture all began, with a fascinating amalgamation of T-shirts, shorts and Rolex. After half a century, thanks to the input of hip-hop stars and the function of the internet. We see a sudden interest in baggy jeans and graphic streetwear for women.

4. All Beige

Beige is not a style, but a color. Nevertheless, since the surfacing of dark academia culture, beige has become the color of choice in an important faction of women’s streetwear. Matched with darker tones, this color/style is what defines the last point techwear.

5. Techwear

Techwear is on the way to becoming the most sought-after item nowadays. But it is important to keep this in balance, infusing techwear into each item of clothing is going too far. The best way to use techwear is in a relaxed style, adding to much will detract from this very balanced look.

This Is How Women Should Style Streetwear

Pulling off this look is going to take some skill. Considering the following five tips will allow you to perfect the look and apply it in a variety of great combinations.

Tip 1: Invest in bold sneakers

This is the cornerstone of your look and your primary investment. If you have not yet made a selection of the perfect set of BOLD sneakers, this is where you can begin. Could be a bit costly for a good pair, but still the most important investment. Keep up to date with the latest sneaker releases.

Tip 2: Go silent with logos

Brand loyalty is as important as ever, nevertheless, in 2021 it is important to choose softer and muted logos. Loud ostentatious logos should be considered a thing of the past.

Tip 3: Counter casual with the classic

Take the time to match each casual item with something equally classic. Layering brands is a great way to achieve this look.

Tip 4: Play with proportions

Of course, the oversized baggy look should be considered an important part of the trends, but this can also be balanced proportionately to avoid looking like a bean bag.

Tip 5: Be yourself

There is nothing like looking completely unique. Build some inspiration through studying the five classic elements of streetwear and then apply the tips above to come up with your own perfect take on women’s streetwear.

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