What Does VIP Mean for Online Casinos?

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It doesn’t matter where we’re from or what we’re doing, we all like to be given VIP treatment. Whether it’s exclusive boxes at a theatre or concert, premium customer service at a restaurant or hotel, or the famous red carpet at a media event, receiving VIP care is a privilege we all aspire to.

Exactly the same is true when it comes to online casinos, since joining a VIP program can unlock all sorts of benefits. But what exactly do these programs entail, and how can you go about enrolling in one? We explain all of this and more in the helpful blog below.

What is an online casino VIP?

In traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, the management are quick to identify high rollers who spend more and come back more frequently than others. In order to secure their lucrative custom for the foreseeable future, they’ll gift them all manner of freebies, from complimentary drinks, meals and hotel rooms to free tickets to Broadway shows and attractions to even pre-paid credit cards for all their shopping needs. Although online casinos operate slightly differently, they still have similar VIP programs for their best customers.

What benefits does an online casino VIP program offer?

While the specific perks of an online casino VIP program will differ from site to site, they’ll generally reward their customers with free bets and spins more regularly than run-of-the-mill punters. They’ll also do so with rewards of a higher value, as well as granting them higher betting limits and even offering a dedicated account manager who is always on hand to smooth out any problems. Additionally, some casinos may even give away tickets to in-demand events and experiences, such as all-expenses-paid holidays and major sporting finals.

How can I become an online casino VIP?

Generally speaking, online casino VIP programs operate on an invite-only basis. This means that the casino will decide who becomes a VIP and when that happens. Although the criteria for determining which players are VIPs are different for every casino, they all focus on active players who deposit and spend large sums of money frequently. Again, this threshold is fluid depending on which site you favor, but generally speaking, the payroll must extend into the thousands of dollars on a consistent basis.

What can I do to increase my chances?

The best way to give yourself the maximum chance of being invited to join an online casino program is to identify the casino you like best and concentrate all your activity there. It helps to do your due diligence in this respect, since not all casinos (nor their VIP programs) are created equal. The VIP program at Sportsbet, for example, is particularly attractive due to the myriad perks it can offer its clients. This is due to its acceptance of cryptocurrency and its Curaçao license, both of which mean it is not as restricted in what it can give to players as some other casinos.

No one becomes a VIP overnight in any walk of life. The same is true for online casinos, where only the best customers over an extended period of time are invited to join the exalted ranks of the VIP community.

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