Wedding Invite Wisdom: How to Craft the Perfect Card

When you think about planning your wedding, what is the first thing that comes into your mind in terms of planning and design? If you’re a foodie, you might say the cake or menu, while if you like to picture a room, one may say the decor.

Yet, what about that important item that makes sure you have all the people you love and care about there to celebrate with you and yes, maybe reminds them that there will be food and a free bar?

Of course, I speak of your “save the date” or wedding invitations. That specific reminder that lets people know you want to spend your special day with them.

Therefore, let me guide you on how you can create the perfect wedding card that people will remember and keep as a special memory.

Get kids involved in the planning:

If you’re a person who has young children, you should know that nothing displays creativity and originality more than a child’s mind.

These invitations, with designs you won’t find anywhere else, can then be laser cut and sent out to your respective guests.

By allowing them to be involved in the design of your laser cut invitations, it can make them feel that they are not forgotten and that they are included in their parent/s happiness.

Play With Pretty Penmanship:

If you’re someone who likes to write with flair or you want to add a personal aspect to your wedding cards, work in some playful penmanship for your guests.

This can be an ideal way to compose the tone and a possible sense of elegance that you may want for your celebration.  It can also enable you to explore your creativity with arts and crafts.

Also, by doing it yourself, you can save money on costs. A small splurge on art tools can be a good move as professional prices can differ, depending on workload and the calligrapher’s level of experience.

This can thus allow you to save to use the money elsewhere.

Go with vintage accents:

When decorating your wedding invitations, simple accents can create something more personalised and unique.

Adding some small details to your invites, such as twines or personalised tags can give them a hint of old-world charm and further enhance to your guests the sense of inclusion and personal memorabilia from your wedding day.

An individual theme:

When designing your cards, a themed look can make them stand out from any other and make them a piece worth keeping.

Whether it is one that shows the progress of your journey together or a display of something you both love to do together, themed wedding invitations can certainly be eye-catching and unforgettable.

Elegant Envelopes and Individual Stamps:

If you’re someone who wants to add that extra touch of class or theme to your “save the date”s, how about encompassing it in your envelopes?

From the historical wax seal on parchment, giving a sense of a historic day, to stamps that display your initials as a happy couple, indicating your bond.

These can all help create a beautiful and emotional connection with your guests, and make your invites so much more than just a simple letter to communicate your nuptials.

You can also display some personality through the composition of the borders and lettering on the envelope itself.


Therefore, when it comes to creating the perfect wedding invitations, remember that a unique layout can be produced with that of a theme, small details, artistic flair from even the simplest art tool, and a little creativity and involvement from a youthful mind.

Best wishes!

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