Upgrading The Space Making One Bedroom Suitable For Two Children

It happens to a lot of families. You may have bought a home or rented one when you need to shuffle the bedroom spaces. In particular, you may have a young child that needs to move in with their older sibling because there is a baby on the way, and you need the space in your room.

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However, simply moving a small child into a new space is a big thing for them and the older child who used to have a bedroom to themselves. So, how can you make it work and reduce stress?

Well, there are many tips, and this article will guide you through some of the best ones. Enjoy!

Bunk Beds

OK, starting with the basic features, you will likely need to invest in a bunk bed for your children that are now sharing a room. This will help keep the space in the room the same while allowing them to have their own personal areas.

If your kids don’t have beds the same size now, don’t worry! You can purchase bunk beds with mattress designed for it so that everything fits as it needs to, and you don’t need to buy new mattresses in the hopes that they fit.

Up The Storage

You will need to keep the space clutter-free, so it is worth upping the storage. This can even be incorporated into the beds, as bunk beds have drawers built into them. Or, you can invest in under-bed storage to keep your kids’ clothes, toys, and belongings in set spaces. Aim to make the most of the wall space, too, so put up lots of shelves, add a bookcase, and buy some storage bins, preferably with names on them, as this will help keep your kids’ individual items where they need to be.

Designate Spaces

Along with the beds, you will need to ensure that your kids have their own spaces where they can work, de-stress and play. This can easily be achieved through different colored bedding, wall art, and curtains. Curtains are a great addition to a bunk bed, as they can be drawn around each area to give your kids some privacy.

Neutral Colors

OK, so you may have one kid that loves red and the other that loves green. What should you do? Well, paint the walls white and personalize their spaces with these colors. This can create a balanced environment, without one kid thinking that their needs or preferences have been ignored. As before, their colors can be linked to their spaces and create an interesting look to the room.

Flexible Furniture

Sooner or later, you may move to a home that has more room, or the older child may leave home. Or you may have another kid, whether you plan this or not! So, it is best to design a bedroom that has a flexible layout that can accommodate this. Indeed, it may be best to get bunk beds that can be broken into twin beds and adjusted as your kids grow.

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