Tips and Hints for Busy Moms – Raising a Toddler While Earning a Degree

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All the amazing supermoms out there know that raising a toddler is a delightful combination of joy and chaos. One moment, you have squeals of delight, and the next, your precious one goes into full destructor mode.

Yet, just because you are knee-deep in playtimes and diapers, it doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your professional growth. While challenging, this is a great time to earn that degree you’ve postponed or acquire that new skill you’ve been dreaming about.

This is even more true in today’s digital world when you can learn lots of things from home. So, if you want to keep yourself relevant for the work market (or your future business), here are a few tips and methods to help you juggle child-rearing and learning.

The First Step: Find Your Niche

First things first – what excites you? What area are you keen to develop? Finding your true passion is essential to stay motivated on this journey.

For instance, if children’s nutrition fascinates you, getting a degree in dietetics would be just up your alley. Or if decorating kids’ rooms brings out your creative side thrill, how about leaning towards interior design?

On the other hand, if you plan on opening a business anytime in the future, consider a business administration class. It also helps to add some financial education to the mix.

Do you Need a Certification?

Once you’ve decided on the educational path you want to follow, check to see if you need any special certifications. For instance, if you’re interested in a medical coding and billing career, you will need to take specific classes and pass the final exam.

Furthermore, you can earn several certifications that can help further your career, such as Certified Coding Associate and Certified Professional Biller. Since the programs are different in each state, you have to take the class and exam in the state where you want to practice.

For instance, if you’re from New Jersey and want to follow a medical coding and billing career, you can benefit from a program like the one offered by the Prism Career Institute.

The Second Step: Plan Your Study Sessions

Now that you know what you need to study, it’s time to design a plan that works for you and your toddler. For instance, you could time your baby’s naps based on the class schedules. And, whenever your bundle of joy doesn’t want to sleep, you can record the lectures or classes.

It also helps to learn how to make the most out of the free moments you get throughout the day. Got your toddler engrossed in some toys? Great! Sneak in some study time.

Does your angel sleep all night long without fussing? Make the most of this precious alone time and dedicate a couple of hours toward study. If you’re the one feeling sleepy, here are a few methods to help you stay awake while studying.

It also helps to lean on your mommy network – talk with your other mom friends and see if you can create a schedule of play dates. This way, you can leave your toddler(s) to play for a few hours with other children of similar age while supervised by adults you trust. Of course, your time to supervise other children will come as well, but until then, take advantage of an empty house.

The Third Step: Ask for Help

Everyone, even supermoms, needs some help sometimes, so don’t shy away from seeking it. Whether asking family members to babysit or reaching out for mental support from fellow mom-study groups, it’s okay to lean on others.

You can also outsource tasks like house cleaning or meal-prepping to specialized companies. These are time-consuming chores, so once you get rid of them, you should have more free time for studying.

The Fourth Step: Give Yourself Some Slack

Let’s get down to one final heart-touching truth.

There will be days when things become overwhelming, but that’s okay. Remember that progress isn’t linear – some days will be more productive than others. Also, you are learning while raising a toddler, so give yourself a pat on the back and be kind when your brain wants a break.

The key to your success is persistence. If you keep moving forward inch by inch, there will come a day when you’ll reach that finish line.

Wrap Up

Dear moms out there, you can do it! Juggling raising a toddler and furthering your education is an intricate dance that requires balance – but it’s not impossible. So take a deep breath, keep faith in yourself, and watch your dreams slowly become reality.

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