Things leading local kindergartens should have and how to choose one

Most parents put their children in kindergarten once they are four years of age since it is the right time to prepare them for formal schooling.

This period is essential in their lives, and yours too. It is, therefore, necessary to select a childcare centre whose environment is conducive to the child’s growth and helps build a foundation that stands them in good stead in life.

But what do the leading local kindergartens have in common, and what are some ways of finding one? You need to know this, especially if it’s your first time searching for one for your child.

Once you have found the right preschool, you can be assured of your child developing social skills, being exposed to various experiences, and developing healthy habits like sharing.

Here are some tips to help you find a good kindergarten that will give your child the education they deserve.

Does the service offer a School Readiness Program?

Some services provide a School Reading Program as part of their curriculum. You should look for those since they are vital in helping the child develop emotional, cognitive, and social skills.

They must develop each of these skills. For example, cognitive skills will help the child with reading, writing, listening, remembering and concentrating. Similarly, emotional skills will help in building relationships and friendships.

Such a program helps children express empathy, control their emotions whenever required, take care of their things, participate in group play, and follow directions.

Do they offer a variety of activities?

A good kindergarten usually offers a wide range of activities to choose from since not all might have the same interest. Your child should have the option of choosing something they like and want to participate in enthusiastically.

You could ask the staff about the various activities on offer. Do they supervise the children constantly while they participate in them?

Do you find their environment welcoming?

You can usually get an idea about their environment during your first visit when you tour the childcare centre. It should be amicable, welcoming and appropriate for the children.

The learning area should be bright, colourful, and decorated with various arts and crafts. It should be clean, safe, and adequately ventilated. It must have proper seating arrangements, drawers, tables, and mats for ground activities.

Are the educators qualified?

Educators play a vital role in the child’s early education, but they should have the essential qualifications and experience to look after them.

Regulation 126 of the Education and Care Services, determined by the National Quality Framework, states that an educator must be at least diploma level qualified.

Some of the teacher’s duties include supporting the child’s learning, designing and planning the educational programs and practices, providing leadership, working in tandem with educational services, and complying with national/state-based legislation.

Discuss with other parents to get an idea

Talking to other parents will give you an idea about the preschool’s reputation and whether you should put your child there or not. Ask them about their experience and if they found the education curriculum, educators and environment satisfactory?

The leading local kindergartens will have an impressive set of teachers, facilities and a welcoming environment that encourages them to learn, builds their self-confidence, and prepares them for school life. However, you should research before admitting your child to one of them.

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