The Average Cost of Stomach Cancer Treatment: What You Need to Know

Stomach cancer is a dangerous tumor that arises from the mucous membrane’s epithelium in this organ. It is the fifth most common cancer and 3rd leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Around 800,000 people lose their lives to this disease each year. People over 50 years old are at a higher risk of developing it. Learn about the best treatment destinations, and don’t miss the opportunity to eliminate this illness.

Factors Impacting Stomach Cancer Treatment Costs

The expenses associated with treating stomach cancer can vary between medical facilities. The fees quoted by leading hospitals usually cover the patient’s preoperative evaluation and costs for the surgeon, hospital admission, and anesthesia. Other factors, such as an extended hospital stay or postoperative complications, can affect the total expense. However, estimated medical service prices can fluctuate depending on the patient’s condition upon arrival at the clinic.

World-class cancer centers employ highly qualified specialists who specialize in treating gastroenterological diseases. These are specialists of different profiles – onco surgeons, chemotherapists, radiotherapists, etc.

Here are just some of them:

  • Prof. Dr. med. Elke Jager
  • Prof. Dr. med. Thomas J. Vogl
  • Prof. Dr. med. Frank Gansauge

When a patient travels abroad for treatment with companions, it is essential to consider that they will require accommodations and meals. Additionally, expenses such as airfare and paperwork must be factored in. This treatment information is discussed in advance to allow for budget planning.

Treatment Costs by Stage

The primary factor affecting the cost is the stage of the cancer:

  1. In the early stages, the tumor is found in the stomach lining or may mildly affect the muscle tissue. The preferred treatment method is endoscopic resection; chemotherapy and radiotherapy are unnecessary.
  2. The tumor grows and can damage one to seven lymph nodes. Treatment at this stage may involve chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which can be used before surgery to reduce the tumor size or after surgery to prevent recurrence and fight against metastases.
  3. The cancer spreads to nearby tissues and organs, and multiple lymph nodes may be affected. Typically, the treatment involves surgically removing either the entire stomach or a significant portion of it. Additionally, chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be suggested before and after the surgery.
  4. The cancer has spread to other body parts, affecting the patient’s ability to swallow and eat. Chemo and radiation treatment improves the patient’s condition, shrinks the tumor, and slows its growth.

The cost of gastric cancer surgery depends on the medical center’s level and the surgical method. The estimated cost of the operation varies in different countries:

  • Spain. Stomach tumor removal starting from $18,000. It is only part of the pathology treatment. Radiotherapy and new-generation anti-cancer drugs are actively used in hospitals.
  • Germany. The average cost of complete stomach resection and subsequent plastic surgery from intestinal tissues is about $31,900. The average price of surgery with HIPEC is $49,900, and the examination cost for suspected stomach cancer starts from $3,800.
  • Turkey. Hospitals compete with clinics in Germany and Israel and offer advanced technologies like robotic surgery and endoscopic dissection. Additionally, their pricing policy is customer-friendly, with services costing 20-30% less than other hospitals in Europe. The cost of the operation starts at $14,000.
  • Israel. According to statistics, Israeli surgeons preserve the stomach with pathologies in 80-85% of cases. Operations to remove malignant tumors in the country are carried out with the help of a DaVinci robot and laparoscopic techniques. The surgery cost starts from $23,000.
  • Austria. This country is renowned globally for its cutting-edge medical facilities and innovative approaches to treating stomach cancer. The prices here are notably lower than in other developed nations, starting at €20,000.

To understand how much it costs to treat stomach cancer in your case, leave a request on the AiroMedical website. Our consultant will use your medical information to provide an approximate cost.

The Impact of Insurance on Stomach Cancer Treatment Costs

Although insurance cannot guarantee protection against a fatal outcome, it can cover the costs of qualified medical care in the event of stomach cancer detection. Additionally, insurance may offer the option of receiving monetary compensation. Every company provides unique services to patients diagnosed with “stomach cancer” However, the standard set typically includes:

  • The necessary analyses and studies.
  • Confirmation (refutation) of the diagnosis by foreign specialists (second opinion).
  • Selection of medical institutions that can help.
  • Consultations of specialists.
  • Psychological and legal assistance.
  • Payment for travel to the location of the medical clinic.
  • Price for a hospital stay.
  • Transportation of the patient in case of death.

The list of insured events is fixed in the contract, and to avoid future controversial situations, it is necessary to carefully study its conditions.

Understanding the Cost Breakdown for Stomach Cancer Treatment

The cost of treating stomach cancer varies case-by-case, considering the disease’s stage, antitumor methods, and overall health. For example, surgery is enough in the initial stages when the cancer has not yet spread beyond the mucosa. The choice of the operation method is also essential. Endoscopic technique, which can be used in the early stages, is cheaper than open cavity surgery with regional lymph dissection.

With locally advanced processes, chemotherapy may be necessary, increasing the total treatment cost. It is also essential to consider that the patient may need additional procedures. For example, additional examination to determine the cancer stage, consultations with related specialist doctors, installation of a port system, etc.

Metastatic cancer treatment will cost more than earlier stages, as doctors must apply several techniques simultaneously. The amount also includes the prices of all consumables, medicines, accommodation in the ward, special meals, and postoperative care.

Additional Resources for Stomach Cancer Treatment Costs

When selecting a location for stomach cancer treatment, the country is a crucial factor to consider. Countries like Turkey and India are more affordable options, while the US, Switzerland, and Germany are generally more costly. Israel falls in the middle price range. It’s important to note that the care quality depends on the specific clinic and the oncologist’s expertise.

One of the ways to make stomach cancer therapy cheaper is to contact a specialized company that provides organizational services for treatment abroad. Many organizations have established long-term partnerships and special pricing agreements with hospitals, saving patient costs.

AiroMedical assists patients from around the world who are seeking treatment for stomach cancer. With our help, you can quickly arrive at your treatment destination and avoid waiting for long intervals between procedures, which can happen if you go directly to a hospital.

Treating stomach cancer with AiroMedical can help you save on the following costs:

  • 25-40 % of the cost of treatment by comparing the offers of several leading clinics.
  • $1,700 for procedures (biopsy, CT, MRI). It is cheaper to survey the place of residence.
  • $6,500 on innovative treatment: biologics, targeted drugs can be taken home.
  • 35-45 % on surgeries if you choose public clinics. In this case, the cancer treatment program is controlled by the Ministry of Health of the country, so cancer patients undergo procedures at affordable rates.

It is important to remember that oncology is not a death sentence but a stage in your life journey that you can overcome. Contact us, and we will provide a clear and detailed action plan.


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