Soccer Drills For Kids to Become Starters on Their Teams

Soccer drills are one of the most effective strategies to enhance your game quickly. When you first start playing soccer, you really would like to understand what the greatest drills are to show the most improvement in the quickest period of time.

Whether you’re a coach hoping to assist someone learning the game or a novice aiming to better your talents, I’ve put up a list of some of the best soccer drills for beginners in this article. Get some uninflated soccer balls at discounted rates and practice these drills until you master them.

Passing Drill

The skill to move the ball properly is one of the most important aspects of soccer because it helps your team to move the ball through the court effectively and maintains it in their control. For this drill, you will need 2 players, cheap soccer balls size 4, and some cones.

Step 1: Set up the cones

The two cones should be placed about 2 yards apart. Set two more cones at the same spacing apart, but about 5–10 yards away from the previous two. As your passing talent improves, narrow the gap between the two cones or enlarge the space between the two players.

Step 2: Position of the players

The player stands behind the set of cones.

Step 3: Pass and receive the ball

The first player should pass the ball through the cones while the second one should receive it when it gets near with one touch. The second touch is when the ball is returned to the first player. Then the skills improve, and the players can try to return the ball with the first touch.

Shooting Drill

Unless you take a shot, you can’t even score! The goal of this drill is to enhance your shooting accuracy. For this drill, you will need a youth soccer ball size 3 and a goal.

Step 1: Position the ball

You’ll be shooting at a goal from the penalty mark for this drill. If you have accessibility to a soccer field, use the penalty mark that is indicated there to practice. If not, place the ball around 12 yards (11 meters) away from the goal.

Step 2: Kick the ball straight down the middle.

Kick the ball as close to the goal’s center as possible for this step. Make ten shots with your right foot, then ten with your left.

Step 3: Kick the ball into the corner of the goal

Kick the ball into each corner of the goal from the penalty spot. It doesn’t matter which corner you choose first. Remember to rotate between your right and left feet in order to increase your shooting ability with both feet.

Dribbling Drill

Dribbling in soccer refers to going ahead with the ball at your feet whilst also maintaining command and possession. The goal of this drill is to help you enhance your ability to handle the ball while moving. For this drill, you will need a ball and cones.

Step 1: Arrange the cones.

Line up 5–10 cones in a horizontal line about 2 yards apart.

Step 2: Position yourself

Stand at one end of the line of cones with the ball at your feet.

Step 3: Dribble the ball

Begin by softly kicking the ball ahead past the right-hand side of the first cone with your dominant foot. Move the ball between the cones and chase it all through. Repeat the drill several times. Alternate it by playing with one foot or two feet.

You must keep in mind that reaching your peak performance and becoming the best player you can be will need serious effort and devotion. All of history’s best soccer players spent endless hours on the training field, repeating their routines over and over.

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