Safety First: How Moms Can Advocate for Trucking Regulations and Road Safety

As a mom, keeping your family safe is always a top priority. One major safety concern for all families is sharing the road with large trucks. Truck crashes are especially dangerous and deadly due to the enormous size and weight of big rigs. Fortunately, there are ways moms can advocate for improved trucking regulations and road safety measures to help protect their loved ones.

Push for Stronger Trucking Regulations

One of the most impactful things moms can do is urge lawmakers to pass more stringent trucking regulations. According to a government report, 4,714 people were killed in crashes involving large trucks in 2021. Tougher requirements around truck driver training, vehicle maintenance, hours of service rules, and more can help reduce these alarming fatality rates. Contact your local, state, and federal representatives to demand action. Get involved with advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving that lobby for improved trucking laws.

Educate Other Drivers

As a mom, you can help everyday drivers better understand how to drive safely around semi-trucks. For example, the No Zone refers to blind spots around a big rig where crashes are more likely. So, make sure your family know to avoid a truck’s No Zone areas. Also, emphasize giving trucks plenty of stopping room, not cutting in front, and minimizing distractions when big rigs are around. Additionally, moms can petition for compulsory use of blind spot monitoring systems in trucks; estimates show around 50,000 truck accidents could have been prevented with such systems in place.

Speak Up About Highway Design

Another way moms can improve road safety is by speaking out about highway design. Dangerous rural roads and crowded city routes contribute to truck crashes. Call on departments of transportation to add more truck passing lanes, widen highway shoulders and improve busy intersections and ramps. Effective highway design enhances safety for everyone using the roads, including truck drivers.

Push for More Truck Parking

Lack of adequate truck parking is a major issue facing drivers. In fact, more than 75% of truckers report regularly struggling to find safe parking locations when rest is needed. This leads to unauthorized and risky parking on highway shoulders and ramps. Contact your representatives and urge them to increase funding for truck parking facilities along major freight routes. More available parking helps reduce driver fatigue, which improves roadway safety.

Partner with Trucking Safety Groups

Connect with reputable trucking safety advocacy organizations like the Truck Safety Coalition. These groups provide educational resources and tips for contacting policymakers to demand safer roads. You can also look into joining casualty assistance groups like Road Safe America that help victims and families impacted by truck crashes navigate legal processes. Partnering with established truck safety nonprofits amplifies your voice.

Hire an Attorney After a Crash

Ryan Zehl, a Texas truck accident attorney, recommends getting legal help immediately after a truck accident. Trucking companies have extensive legal teams protecting their interests after a crash. Injured victims deserve experienced lawyers fighting for their rights, too. Personal injury attorneys can handle insurance negotiations, litigation, and settlement talks while you focus on your family during this difficult time.

Stay Informed and Share with Other Moms

Finally, continue educating yourself on truck safety so you can spread awareness to fellow moms. Follow trucking news and regulation changes. Share safety tips and statistics on social media. Empower other mothers to speak up and take action so our roadways become safer for all.

Mothers have immense power to advocate for improved trucking regulations and road safety measures. Through collective advocacy by moms across the country, we can make sharing the road with trucks safer for our families.

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