Rescue Hair 911 Reviews – Is This PhytAge Labs Hair Formula Safe?

Rescue Hair 911 Reviews – Rescue Hair 911 is an advanced hair nutrition formula with saw palmetto berries, nettle leaf extract, and a host of vitamins and minerals. Read more details in this honest review.

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What is Rescue Hair 911?

Rescue Hair 911 is a godsent all-natural supplement specially formulated for all those willing to fix their damaged hair.

This dietary supplement has been made with some of the best herbs and ingredients that ensure you an advanced hair nutrition solution.

This solution will support your hair’s growth and will dramatically reverse hair loss. Rescue Hair 911 has been designed to address hair problems such as hair loss, hair thinning, hair greying, and other hair conditions.

If you are someone who’s fed up with spending thousands of bucks on stupid hair products that are fully loaded with chemicals, Rescue Hair 911 is the perfect choice for you!

This solution has been made after considering all problems that individuals go through these days and has undergone several types of research and tests that prove the safety and accuracy of the supplement.

Rescue Hair 911 actually focuses on the problem and ensures that the problem is cured from the roots This ensures that you will never have to go through that phase again wherein you are all worried and stressed over what would be your next bad hair day!

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How Does Rescue Hair 911 Work?

As mentioned above, Rescue Hair 911 has been created after a lot of tests and research that has proven that hair loss is a geographical issue.

Scientists have finally been able to establish the real root cause of hair loss and that is high levels of DHT or dihydrotestosterone.

Studies show as we age, our body naturally starts to convert testosterone into DHT or dihydrotestosterone.

Having higher levels of this steroid in our body can not cause hair loss but also enlarged prostate, low sex drive, and constant fatigue.

The DHT in your head is settled inside the papilla which does not let your hair grow properly. It has been learned that people in certain parts of the world have high levels of vitamins and minerals that naturally inhibit the production of 5-ARD.

When the levels of 5-ARD are reduced, our hair follicles begin to grow again! Therefore, to tackle the issue and treat it correctly,

Rescue Hair 911 has been formulated using the right vitamins, minerals, herbs, and ingredients that reverse hair loss and fight off 5-ARD.

The goodness of each and every ingredient will make sure that you have clean, voluminous, and gorgeous-looking hair for the rest of your life!

It is advised for adults to consume at least two capsules of Rescue Hair 911 every day!

As you consume the pill, the super ingredients inside the Rescue Hair 911 will immediately get absorbed in your bloodstream. They then begin the healing and repairing process.

As you consume it every day regularly, you will begin to notice that the quality of your hair has improved drastically. You will feel great about your good hair days.

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What Are The Nutrients Added to The Rescue Hair 911 Solution?

Rescue Hair 911 has been made with some of the most natural herbs and ingredients that have been a clear-cut help in making the supplement accurate.

These nutrients make the formula even more easy-going as the name suggests. It’s a rescue to all the hair problems in the world that you are fed up with. These are:

  • Vitamin E: It can help you improve the growth of your hair and will also help you reverse hair loss drastically.
  • Vitamin B-6: It improves the quality of your hair and reduces the risk of going bald by preventing hair loss.
  • Zinc: Zinc is extremely beneficial in boosting the tissue growth of your hair and it will also help in repairing the damage
  • Copper: Copper helps you have the thickness in your hair with active hair regrowth. It also helps increase the size of the follicles.
  • Selenium: It helps you treat problems such as fungus or dandruff and many more. It also regulates hormones which can help you to cope with your hair loss.
  • Saw palmetto berries: It strengthens your hair growth and focuses on eradicating hair loss effectively.
  • Plant sterol complex: It is one of the most effective ingredients that has been proven to be a natural 5-ARD (5-alpha-reductase inhibitor). It does not only help you reverse the loss of your hair, but it will also protect you from the damage.
  • Pygeum africanum bark powder: It helps your hair grow and ensures that all the vitamins and minerals reach your roots so that the quality of your hair improves.
  • Red raspberry: Our body retains its moisture due to this super ingredient! It will prevent your hair from being dry, brittle, thin, or even splitting apart.
  • Graviola leaf powder: It makes your hair roots stronger and thus prevents hair loss.
  • Green tea leaf: Green tea leaf can promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. It promotes the air in the hair follicles and cells which leads to faster and healthier growth
  • Cat’s claw bark: It is extracted from a tropical wine that helps you deal with infections and regenerates hair growth.
  • Broccoli leaf extract: Broccoli leaves are a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C that help promote hair growth.
  • Tomato fruit powder: It fuels the roots and also concentrates on reducing hair fall.
  • Stinging nettle leaf powder: It combats hair loss and focuses on extending the growth of your hair.
  • Maitake, Reishi, and Shiitake Mushroom Powder: This three focus on promoting the production of DHT hormone in your body so that your hair can begin to regrow and you can get rid of the hair loss.

The proprietary blend of Rescue Hair 911 includes quercetin dihydrate, juniper berry powder, uva ursi leaf powder, buchu leaf powder, L-Glutamic acid, L-Alanine, L-Glycine, Calcium D-Glucarate, Pumpkin seed powder, Burdock root powder, Cayenne pepper fruit powder, Goldenseal root powder, Gravel root powder, Marshmallow root powder, and Parsley leaf powder.

All of these herbs and ingredients have the ability to put an end to hair loss and hair issues with the help of Rescue Hair 911.

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What Are The Benefits of Consuming Rescue Hair 911?

As you consume the supplement, you will witness plenty of other health benefits such as:

  • It helps grow your hair.
  • It prevents hair loss.
  • It puts an end to the hair fall.
  • It reduces the chances of getting bald.
  • It boosts the production of Dihydrotestosterone which helps boost the quality of your hair.
  • It focuses on growing hair follicles too.
  • It prevents dandruff, hair thinning, splitting, enlarged prostate, low sex drive, and constant fatigue.
  • It provides you with thick, long, and shiny hair so that you can be proud of it!


  1. It is 100% all-natural.
  2. It is easy to swallow.
  3. It is made with all the real and purest ingredients that are extracted from the best sources.
  4. It can be taken by anyone above the age of 18 irrespective of their gender.
  5. It is 100% safe and affordable.


  1. It can be purchased through its official website only.
  2. It should be kept out of reach of children.
  3. If you are suffering from a chronic disease or a medical condition that requires constant attention, it is advised to consult your doctor before you begin consuming Rescue Hair 911.
  4. The results may vary depending upon your current health condition. Therefore, expecting immediate results is a big no!
  5. One must not skip the dosage.

How Much Does Rescue Hair 911 Cost?

There are three packages for you to choose from. They are:

  • Buy one bottle of Rescue Hair 911 for just $69.95.
  • Buy a pack of two bottles of Rescue Hair 911 for just $119.90.
  • Buy four bottles of Rescue Hair 911 for just $199.80, $49.95 per bottle only.

Also, get two exciting free bonus gifts such as…

  • Learn the Many Ways Hair Loss Is Different for Men and Women (e-book)
  • Regain Your Healthy Hair and Confidence in Just Weeks (e-book)

Customer reviews:

Here’s what Josephine C. from Des Moines, IA has got to say about Rescue Hair 911…

“I have been using Rescue Hair 911 for 6 weeks. I am already seeing a nice amount of improvement. The thinning hair that I’ve been dealing with for years is looking fuller and healthier.

I know it is too early to expect a full return to the hair of my youth but my expectations have been met so far. I went into this assuming it would realistically take maybe 4-5 months before I would see something close to total improvement.

So far, I am very satisfied with what your formula has done for my hair, and I will report back again in 6 months. Thank you.”

Isn’t it amazing how one supplement can change their life so beautifully?

Rescue Hair 911 Reviews – Conclusion

If you are someone who has been looking for a basic but effective remedy for hair loss, balding, and any hair-related problems, but your demands haven’t been met due to the other products made with chemicals, then Rescue Hair 911 is the perfect solution for you!

Made with the correct ingredients and a high-quality process, you can reverse all your hair problems with just one simple easy-to-swallow pill! You will have beautiful and younger-looking hair any minute now! So, what are you waiting for? Click here to buy now.

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