Rehab Options for Long-Time Addiction

Once you know that you need treatment to free yourself from drug or alcohol addiction, which is like a chronic disease, get ready for the long haul because the rehab programs take time to deliver results. When you decide to enter a rehab program for drug or alcohol addiction after consulting your doctor, try to find rehab centers preferably near you. Since there are many options, prepare a list of a few centers and focus on the kind of results delivered for patients with a long history of addiction like springfield recovery center. It is hard to tell how much time it will take for recovery and confirm that you are free from the deadly habit, ready to lead a sober life. However, it will undoubtedly take some weeks and even months to ensure complete recovery because you have long-term addiction.

Although you get addicted even before realizing it happens, freeing yourself from the influence is a challenging task requiring a lot of gumption and willpower to overcome the odds.  So it is vital that you must recognize the early sings and seek timely help. At the same time, you must accept the treatment plan with an open mind by trusting the doctors and therapists and cooperate with them like an obedient student to ensure good results. The earlier you seek treatment the better it will be.

Treatment options

There are many treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction that broadly come under two categories– out-patient rehab programs and in-patient-rehab programs. Out-patient rehab programs are similar to undergoing medical treatment in any day-care facility, and you go back home every day after attending the treatment sessions. In-patient rehab programs are residential treatment plans carried out over several weeks or months. You will find short-term residential rehab programs and long term rehab programs, but the latter is often more effective, especially for treating long time addiction. Short-term residential programs between 30-90 days and partial hospitalization programs are also available.

 Long-term inpatient rehab – what is it?

To treat long-term addiction, you must go for long-term impatient rehab, also known as a long-term residential rehab program. The treatment can vary from as little as 3 weeks and stretch up to 12 months. Patients entering residential programs stay at the facility during the treatment and receive round the clock care.  Close monitoring of patients is necessary during the detoxification process, which can show dangerous withdrawal symptoms and may need quick medical attention to avoid any untoward incident that can hamper the treatment’s progress.  The detoxification process is necessary for almost all patients entering the in-patient facility.

What to expect from long-term rehab programs?

After entering a long-term rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction, going through detoxification signals the treatment’s commencement. Detoxification aims to remove the toxic substances from the body to allow patients to start the treatment with a clean slate. During this time, withdrawal symptoms are quite common, and the facility has the resources to deal with them effectively to ensure completion of the process within 7-10 days.

During this period, the patient familiarizes with the environment and other community members, and the caregivers as they prepare to spend a long time at the facility. As they gradually adjust to the program by following the discipline of the program that allows minimal freedom, they learn to adhere to the daily routine that follows a rigid structure. As they get accustomed to the new lifestyle and start working on their own toward recovery, they enjoy slightly more freedom. They can meet visiting friends and family and even keep in touch with those outside the facility. Depending on the length of stay, they may be permitted to participate in some activities like NA and AA meetings.

The picture is almost the same across the rehab centers, including any luxury rehab Hawaii where the residents enjoy more amenities that suit their high-end lifestyle.

Different treatment models

Long-term rehab programs use different treatment models. The therapeutic community (TC) model is one of the popular treatments that are most beneficial for those with a long history of addiction. According to NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse), the scope of the treatment is extensive. It views addiction in the context of the psychological and social deficits of the patient. The therapy aims to develop personal responsibility and accountability and create socially productive lives.

Not only is the treatment highly structured, but at times it can also be confrontational as it includes activities that allow patients to examine damaging self-concepts, beliefs, and destructive behavioral patterns. It triggers self-realization that pushes them toward adopting new, more constructive and harmonious ways of interacting with others.

The therapeutic community treatment focuses on changing entire lifestyles and help to lead a substance-free and productive life in the future to explore the joys of living a sober life.

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