The 11 Best Toys and Gifts for 2 Years Old in 2022

Are you looking for the best toys and gifts for a 2-year-old? Whether your child is just about to turn 2 or is already 2 years old, this list has something for everyone. This year, there are some great new options available, as well as classic favorites. So whether you’re looking for a birthday present or just something to keep your little one entertained, read on for the best toys and gifts for 2-year-olds in 2022!

kids and mother playing colorful clay toy

For your 2-year-old child toys comes with a lot of important benefits. It helps with their hand-eye coordination, develops their gross and fine motor skills, enhances their creativity, and teaches them cause and effect. While some toys are more geared towards one benefit than another, the best toys for 2-year-olds manage to encompass a few of these key areas.

Though in toddlers this age range can be very broad when it comes to toys we like to recommend things that are both educational and developmentally appropriate for kids at this age. And since 2-year-olds are also notoriously hard on their toys, we also make sure to include durable options. As your child enters the toddler years, they’re likely to be more active than ever. So, it’s important to find toys that can keep up with their energy and curiosity. Here are some of the best gifts for 2-year-olds in 2020!

Best Gifts Toys For 2-Year-Olds

As we said, the toddler years are a time of immense cognitive, social and physical development. Everything starts coming together both in terms of their ability to understand the world around them, as well as start expressing themselves. On the basis of these observations, we compiled a list of the toys and gifts for 2-year-olds that will help them grow and learn in all the right ways!

1. Kazswitle Water Drawing Mat

Price: $17.99

This mat is made of high-quality polyester and is completely safe for kids to use. Simply fill the included pen with water and let your little ones go to town drawing on the mat. The marks will disappear after a short time, so they can keep drawing again and again! This is the perfect Mess Freeway for toddlers and children to play. The back of the mat is also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about wetting the floor. It’s the perfect toy for 2 to 6-year-old girls and boys! You can also get this mat in a smaller size.

2. UNIH Busy Board Montessori Toys

Price: $19.89

UNIH Busy Board Montessori-inspired busy board features 16 different preschool learning activities in a wide range of developmental levels. Toddlers will learn essential life skills, fine motor skills, and cognition of colors, time, and letters in a fun and relaxing manner. With so many different activities to choose from, your toddler will never get bored! The UNIH Busy Board Montessori Toys is the perfect way to help your child develop important skills while having fun at the same time!

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3. VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

Price: $27.99

VTech Care for Me is an adorable carrier that comes with a plush puppy for role-play fun and features light-up buttons that introduce colors, shapes, pet care, and more. The carrier also includes a sliding letter bead panel that introduces letters and plays music, plus 100+ songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases. And for even more pretend play fun, there are pet care accessories like a bowl, ball, comb, and bottle. The carrier also features a handle for on-the-go fun and 2 AAA batteries included.

4. iPlay, iLearn Unicorn Hopping Horse Plush

Price: $33.9

This beautifully made toy is perfect for kids of all ages and is sure to bring a smile to their faces. The four sturdy legs prevent tipping and falling off, giving kids a reliable partner to help them strengthen muscles, learn how to maintain balance, and promote brain development. The hopper is also suitable for indoor and outdoor play, making it a great choice for summer vacations, parties, or classrooms. And when it’s time to pack up, simply deflate the hopper and store it away until next time.

5. BABLOCVID Magnetic Drawing Board

Price: $18.05

With this drawing board, your toddler can get creative with shapes and colors, all while developing their fine motor skills. The set comes with 4 different shaped stamps and a drawing pen, providing hours of fun! This board features 4 color areas and is perfect for toddlers to use to express their creativity. The legs of the table are also convenient for installation and disassembly, so you can change the form of the board from upright to oblique to flat, depending on your child’s needs. With so many features, the BABLOCVID Magnetic Drawing Board is sure to be a hit with your little ones!

6. Toyvelt Toddler Golf Set

Price: $24.97

This complete golf set comes with everything your little one needs to enjoy a game of golf, including a golf cart, 4 colorful golf clubs, 6 balls, and a putting mat. It is made from lightweight and non-toxic materials, the Toyvelt Toddler Golf Set is the perfect toy for kids and toddlers. Its realistic design and gameplay provide a challenging and fun experience that helps promote physical and mental development in children. It also makes for an excellent gift for kids who love golf or are interested in learning the sport and the game. This is one of the best toys for 2-year-olds to the 7 years old boys and the girls.

7. Attmu Wooden Alphabet Puzzle

Price: $11.99

The Attmu Wooden Alphabet Puzzle is the perfect educational toy for children ages 2-4. Each puzzle piece is made of high-quality wood and is painted with friendly water-based paint. The puzzle is thick and durable with smooth, rounded edges – making it safe for even the youngest children to play with. The large size of the pieces also prevents choking hazards. The Attmu Wooden Alphabet Puzzle is a great way to help your child learn their ABCs while also stimulating their sensory development. The bright colors and cute illustrations on each letter block will capture your child’s attention and interest.

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8. Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

Price: $14.99

The Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone is a classic baby-favorite musical pull toy. Baby uses the tethered mallet to tap on the 8 colorful keys. The pull string and easy-rolling wheels let toddlers pull it along anywhere. It helps develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills for infants and toddlers ages 18 months and older. You can also buy an expansion pack that allows you to create your own music. It is the best toy for kids to buy on their birthday and other festivals time.

9. Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Baby Book

Price: $10.99

Babies will love exploring all the different animals and scenes in this Melissa & Doug Activity Baby Book. The book features a removable dress-up doll, 6 delightful scenes, crinkling pages, and flaps to flip at every turn. It’s also machine washable for easy cleanup. This makes a perfect gift for babies ages 1 month to 3 years old.

10. TOP BRIGHT Toddler Magnetic Montessori Toy

Price: $19.99

This fun and educational toy are perfect for helping little ones develop fine motor skills and explore their imagination. The magnetic pieces are easy to manipulate, and the nature-themed story is sure to capture their attention. The TOP BRIGHT Toddler Magnetic Montessori Toy is sure to be a hit with any 2-year-old!

11. MAGBLOCK Magnetic Building Blocks

Price: $35.99

This amazing MAGBLOCK magnetic building blocks are perfect for keeping kids entertained while helping them build coordination skills and critical thinking. There are endless possibilities for what your child can create with these, making them a great STEM learning tool. They are also made of high-quality and safe materials, so you can rest assured knowing your child is playing with a toy that won’t hurt them. This would be the perfect gift for any occasion.

What do 2-year-olds like to play?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as children of different ages enjoy different types of play. However, some common themes that emerge from research on toddler play include pretending, exploring their environment, and interacting with others.

Many toddlers enjoy pretending to be superheroes, animals, or other characters. They also love exploring their surroundings and discovering all the new things in the world around them. And finally, interacting with others is a key part of toddler development – they love playing games and making friends!

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What should 2-year-olds be learning?

At 2 years old, your child should be learning about basic things like shapes, colors, and numbers. They should also be able to follow simple instructions and start potty training. Furthermore, it is important for them to begin developing their fine motor skills so they can start writing and doing other activities that require manual dexterity. Additionally, they should start learning how to communicate with others and develop their social skills. All of these things are important in helping your child prepare for school and life in general.

What do 2-year-olds do for fun?

Two-year-olds are incredibly active and curious, so they tend to have a lot of fun just exploring their surroundings and learning about the world around them. They also love playing with other children, so any opportunity to interact with others is usually a hit storytime, group playdates, and trips to the park all make for great fun for 2-year-olds. Games, songs, and crafts are also always enjoyable, and most 2-year-olds will be more than happy to participle in anything that gets their hands moving and minds engaged. Ultimately, there’s no one answer when it comes to what 2-year-olds do for fun they’re just busy little people who love having new experiences.

How long should a 2-year-old nap?

Most pediatricians recommend that toddlers have a regular nap schedule of about 12 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period. This generally means that they should be napping during the day and sleeping through the night. But some 2-year-olds still need one or two short naps during the day.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, daytime naps for toddlers usually last between 30 minutes and two hours. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and some kids may take longer or shorter nap times depending on their unique sleep needs. Whether your child takes one long nap or two shorter ones during the day, it’s important to make sure they get enough sleep overall so they can be well-rested and enthusiastic learners!

The Wrapped Up!!

At the time of development, your toddler needs some toys that can support their cognitive and physical development. The best toys for 2-year-olds stimulate their imagination while helping them to learn new skills. Some of the best gifts include building blocks, puzzles, toy cars, and simple dolls. Look for toys that are durable and easy to clean, the two important factors when considering products for young children. As well as the best toys for 2 years old should be helpful in learning and development, they should also be safe and age-appropriate. With that in mind, we hope our list has given you some good ideas for the perfect gift for a two-year-old in your life. If you think we have missed anything off the list, please let us know in the comments below.