10 Best Preschools in Kanpur Near You

Kanpur, the hectic city in Uttar Pradesh, is home to many preschools that provide top-notch education for young children. If you are on the lookout for the best preschools near me, then Kanpur has a lot to offer.

With its excellent school system, Kanpur is an ideal place for your child’s early education and development. Preschools in Kanpur focus on individually nurturing every child to reach their potential. They understand that each child is unique and has different learning capabilities.

But with many preschools out there, choosing the right one can take time and effort for parents. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the best preschools in Kanpur that prioritize your child’s overall development and learning!

Best Preschools in Kanpur For 2023

Kanpur is the central-western part of the state of Uttar Pradesh, situated on the banks of the sacred Ganges River. This is the 10th most populous city in India and a significant industrial center in the country. The education system in Kanpur is commendable, and it is home to some of the best preschools in Uttar Pradesh.

In Kanpur, there are many choices available for preschool education, and each school has its unique approach to teaching. For parents, it is essential to understand the teaching methods and curriculum of a preschool before making a decision. Here are some of the top preschools in Kanpur that have been consistently providing quality education for years!

Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids

Best For Holistic Education
Kangaroo Kids Preschool, located in Civil Lines, Kanpur, is a top-rated play school known for its progressive and experiential learning approach. With its child-centric and innovative teaching approach, it encourages critical and creative thinking in young minds. The preschool’s professional and dedicated teachers ensure individual attention for each student, fostering their overall development. However, they offer a broad spectrum of extracurricular activities, such as music, dance, art, and sports, which contribute to the holistic growth of children. It’s the perfect place for children to develop their skills and discover their interests.

  • Diverse and Unique staff
  • Focus on creativity
  • Spacious classrooms
  • State-of-the-art facilities
“We are extremely pleased. I’m amazed by my child’s progress in reading and writing. Our child always has ample opportunities to explore and grow in all areas.”
Sanfort Play School

Sanfort Play School

Best For Child-centric Approach
Sanfort Play School is one of the top-rated preschools in Indiranagar, Kanpur. Its unique and child-friendly teaching methods, coupled with an innovative curriculum, set it apart. The school follows a play-based learning approach that encourages children to explore and learn through various activities. With its spacious classrooms, well-equipped play area, and dedicated teachers, Sanfort Play School provides a nurturing environment for young learners to grow and develop their skills. They also offer a range of extracurricular activities like music, dance, art, and sports, promoting holistic growth.

  • Child-centric approach
  • Play-based learning
  • Safe and nurturing environment
  • Well-rounded educational experience
“It’s the best school; they have an awesome play area for kids, both indoors and outdoors. My kids had a blast!”
The Lollipops Nursery

The Lollipops Nursery

Best For Holistic Development
The Lollipops Nursery School, located in Govind Nagar, Kanpur, is a popular choice among parents for its high-quality early education program. This is a top-rated play school that follows a progressive curriculum and offers a nurturing environment for children aged 2-6 years. The school has well-equipped classrooms, an outdoor play area, and trained teachers who facilitate learning through fun and interactive activities. The Lollipops Nursery School also focuses on developing social skills, communication skills, and creativity in children through various play-based learning methods.

  • Safe and stimulating environment
  • Individualized care for each child
  • Diverse and Unique staff
  • Provide indoor or outdoor facilities
“I chose this school, Lollipops Play School, because it’s the best school near me. It has a big building, guards for kids’ safety, and great teachers.”
Bachpan Play School

Bachpan Play School

Best For Early Childhood Education
Located in Barra, Kanpur, Bachpan Play School is a popular preschool chain with branches all over India. The school follows an internationally recognized curriculum that focuses on overall child development through a combination of play-based learning and academic activities. The school boasts of well-equipped classrooms, outdoor play areas, and trained teachers who provide personalized attention to each child. This is the top preschool in Kanpur for parents who want their children to have a strong foundation for future learning.

  • Stress-free learning environment
  • Holistic development approach
  • Trained and passionate teachers
  • Provide quality care
“My child is thriving at school, learning new things and improving communication skills.”
Little Millennium Preschool

Little Millennium Preschool

Best For Child-centric Approach
Little Millennium, located in Barra, Kanpur, is a best kindergarten renowned for its child-friendly curriculum. It promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The school’s team of dedicated and professional educators ensures each student gets personalized attention. Besides academics, the school offers a vibrant mix of extracurricular activities such as music, dance, art, and sports, contributing to the all-round development of the child. This is one of the best rated preschools in Barra, to lay a strong foundation for your child’s future. With its safe and engaging learning environment, Little Millennium is the ideal place for every child to grow and learn.

  • Child-friendly curriculum
  • Personalized attention to each student
  • Encourages extracurricular activities
  • Professional and dedicated educators
“I appreciate Little Millennium teachers for their individual attention to kids. They are soft-spoken, attentive, and responsive to any concerns raised.”
Makoons Pre School

Makoons Pre School

Best For Play-based Curriculum
Located in Kalyanpur, Kanpur, Makoons Pre School is a well-known preschool that offers quality education to children aged 2-5 years. The school follows a unique teaching methodology that combines traditional and modern approaches to provide a balanced learning experience. With its child-friendly infrastructure, caring and skilled teachers, Makoons Pre School ensures a safe and nurturing environment for young learners. The school also offers co-curricular activities like music, dance and sports to promote the overall development of children. This is the best nursery school in Kanpur for children to begin their educational journey.

  • Unique teaching methodology
  • Child-friendly infrastructure
  • Skilled and caring teachers
  • Focus on co-curricular activities
“Great preschool! Cooperative and trained staff. My child learned a lot. Unique approach to teaching color recognition and shapes.”
Footprints Play School

Footprints Play School

Best For Early Childhood Education
Footprints Play School in Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur, is recognized as the premier daycare centre in the area. It excels in delivering quality early childhood education within a secure and stimulating environment that encourages overall growth. The skilled staff is dedicated to providing individual care, promoting cognitive, physical, and emotional development in each child. Footprints boasts top-notch facilities and a variety of engaging activities that stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity.Its dedication to transparent communication and active parent participation makes it a popular choice among working parents in Kanpur.

  • Safe and nurturing environment
  • Personalized care for each child
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Experienced and qulaified staff
“Footprints Swaroop Nagar Kanpur is a perfect preschool and daycare for my child. It provides a proper environment for baby development.”
Little Millennium Preschool

Little Millennium Preschool

Best For Child-centric Approach
Little Millennium Preschool in Lajpat Nagar, Kanpur, stands out as one of the top kindergartens in the city. Known for its exceptional child-centered curriculum, it encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills in young minds. The preschool, recognized for its dedicated and professional educators, ensures personalized care for each student. Besides academics, it also offers a range of extracurricular activities like music, dance, art, and sports, fostering holistic development. With a safe and stimulating learning environment, Little Millennium Pre-school is a popular choice among parents for their child’s early education.

  • Play-based learning approach
  • Social and emotional development
  • Qualified staff
  • Inspires creativity
“Top preschool in Kanpur with a wide range of activities. The principal is attentive and approachable. Excellent infrastructure.”
Jaipuria Little ONE Preschool

Jaipuria Little ONE Preschool

Best For Holistic Development
Jaipuria Little ONE Preschool, situated in Kakadeo, Kanpur, is a top-rated nursery school renowned for its innovative curriculum. Established in 2010, the preschool aims to provide an engaging and holistic learning environment for children aged 2-5 years. The school follows a child-centric methodology that focuses on nurturing the unique potential of each child. With state-of-the-art facilities, well-trained teachers and a variety of extracurricular activities, Jaipuria Little ONE Preschool offers a comprehensive early education experience for young learners.

  • Well-trained teachers
  • Holistic learning environment
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Focus on life skills development
“The top preschool in Kanpur, with experienced and qualified teachers, providing holistic child development.”
Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school

Best For Play-based Curriculum
Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school, located in Lakhanpur, Kanpur, is one of the best rated preschools in the city. With its child-centered approach and play-based learning system, Maple Bear focuses on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in young learners. Established in year 2018, the school has already gained a reputation for its highly qualified and dedicated teachers who provide personalized attention to each child. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as music, dance, art and sports to enhance the overall development of children.

  • Child-centered approach
  • Play-based learning system
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Personalized attention to each child
“Best day care in Kanpur! Kids adore the classes and relish the healthy, nutritious food. Clean, well-sanitized environment. Convenient and secure location. Highly responsible and caring faculty.”

What is the process for applying to preschools in Kanpur?

The process for applying to preschools in Kanpur generally involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: Research: Begin by researching different preschools in Kanpur to find ones that align with your preferences and requirements.
  • Step 2: Visit the Preschools: Schedule visits to the shortlisted preschools to get a firsthand look at their facilities, teaching methods, and overall atmosphere.
  • Step 3: Application Form: Fill out the application form provided by the preschool, providing all necessary information about your child and your contact details.
  • Step 4: Documentation: Prepare the required documents, which typically include your child’s birth certificate, medical records, and any other relevant certificates.
  • Step 5: Admission Test/Interaction: Some preschools may conduct admission tests or interactions with the child to assess their developmental readiness.
  • Step 6: Parent Interview: Attend an interview with the preschool administration where they may ask questions about your expectations, concerns, and goals for your child’s education.
  • Step 7: Fee Structure and Policies: Understand the fee structure, payment schedules, and any other policies related to admissions, such as transportation or extra-curricular activities.
  • Step 8: Waitlist and Acceptance: Once the evaluation process is complete, you will receive an acceptance letter if your child is selected. If the preschool has limited seats, you may be placed on a waitlist.
  • Step 9: Confirmation and Enrollment: Confirm your acceptance by submitting the necessary fees and completing the enrollment formalities within the given time frame.

What is the curriculum followed by the preschools in Kanpur?

Preschools in Kanpur usually follow a play-based or Montessori curriculum, which focuses on hands-on learning and practical activities to enhance a child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Many preschools also incorporate elements of traditional Indian education methods like storytelling, music, and art.

Apart from the core curriculum, many preschools in Kanpur also offer additional programs such as language classes, sports activities, and cultural events to provide a well-rounded education for your child.

What is the average cost of preschools in Kanpur?

The cost of preschools in Kanpur can vary depending on factors such as the school’s reputation, facilities, and curriculum. On average, preschools in Kanpur may charge anywhere between Rs 40,000 to Rs 1,00,000 per year. Some schools also offer monthly or quarterly payment options.

Generally, the fees are divided into an admission fee, tuition fee, and other miscellaneous fees for transportation, meals, uniforms, etc. It is essential to discuss the fee structure and any additional costs with the preschool administration before enrolling your child. Look at the below table to get an idea of the average cost of preschools in Kanpur.

Fee Type Montessori Play Group Daycare Nursery
Registration Rs. 500 onwards Rs. 450 ahead There is no need for registration Rs. 500 to 1000 onwards
Monthly Fees Rs. 2,500 to 7,000 onwards Rs. 2,500 to 7,000 onwards Rs. 2,000 to 3,000 onwards Rs. 3,500 to 10,000 onwards
Additional Costs Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000 onwards Rs. 1,100 to Rs. 2,000 onwards Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 1,800 onwards Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 3,500 onwards

What extracurricular activities are offered by preschools in Kanpur?

Preschools in Kanpur often offer a variety of extracurricular activities to provide a holistic learning experience for children. These activities may include:

  • Sports activities: Preschools often have outdoor play areas for children to run, jump, climb, and engage in physical activities.
  • Music and Dance: Many preschools have music and dance classes to help children express themselves creatively.
  • Art and Craft: Children can explore their creative side through various art and craft activities.
  • Storytelling and Drama: Preschools may use storytelling and dramatization sessions to enhance language development and develop children’s imagination.

Do preschools in Kanpur provide transportation facilities?

Many preschools in Kanpur offer transportation facilities for children, but it may vary from school to school. It is best to inquire about this during the admission process and understand the safety measures taken by the preschool for transportation.

Some schools may provide school buses or have tie-ups with reliable transport services, while others may require parents to drop off and pick up their children. Make sure to discuss this with the preschool administration and choose an option that best suits your convenience.

How do I choose the best preschool for my child in Kanpur?

When choosing the best preschool for your child in Kanpur, consider the following factors:

  • Curriculum: Look for a curriculum that aligns with your child’s learning style and emphasizes their overall development.
  • Teaching Methodology: Understand the teaching methods used by the preschool and see if they prioritize hands-on learning and interactive activities.
  • Safety Measures: Ensure that the preschool has proper safety measures in place, such as CCTV cameras, fire exits, and child-friendly facilities.
  • Teacher-Student Ratio: A lower teacher-student ratio allows for more individual attention and better monitoring of each child’s progress.
  • Parent Involvement: Find out how the preschool involves parents in their child’s learning journey through regular communication, parent-teacher meetings, and involvement in school activities.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Read reviews and talk to other parents to get a better understanding of the preschool’s reputation and quality of education.
  • Cost and Affordability: Consider your budget and the preschool’s fee structure before making a decision. Remember to also account for other expenses such as transportation, meals, and uniforms.

What are the safety measures taken by preschools in Kanpur?

Preschools in Kanpur take various safety measures to ensure the well-being of children. Some common safety measures include:

  • CCTV cameras: Most preschools have CCTV cameras installed in classrooms and other areas to monitor children’s activities and ensure their safety.
  • Fire and emergency exits: Preschools have proper fire and emergency exits with clear signage and designated meeting points in case of any mishap.
  • Background checks: Schools conduct background checks on all staff members and ensure that they have the necessary qualifications and experience to work with children.
  • Child-friendly environment: Preschools usually have child-friendly facilities such as age-appropriate toys, furniture, and play areas to promote a safe learning environment for children.

Some Interesting Facts About Kanpur

  • Kanpur is a large industrial city located in the central-western part of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • It was founded in 1207 and has a rich history and cultural heritage.
  • Kanpur is known as the “Leather City of the World” due to its thriving leather industry.
  • The city is home to prestigious educational institutions like IIT and HBTI.
  • Kanpur has one of the four central railway stations in India.
  • It was an important British garrison town during colonial times.
  • It is the eighth-most populous metropolitan area in India and one of the most populated cities in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Green Park Stadium, located in Kanpur, is a renowned cricket stadium.
  • The city is famous for its mouthwatering cuisine, including delicious street food.
  • It is a major commercial and industrial center with a significant economic impact.
  • The urban district of Kanpur Nagar serves as a major hub for trade and commerce, attracting people from all over the world.
  • Kanpur ranks 9th in per capita income in India among the 32 districts of Uttar Pradesh.
  • It has a diverse population with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions living harmoniously together.