Unusual Pregnancy Side Effects You May Never Thought Of

Most women don’t know truly what to expect when they’re expecting. There are symptoms everyone…

Most women don’t know truly what to expect when they’re expecting. There are symptoms everyone talks about quite often, such as nausea and vomiting at the very beginning of the pregnancy, or weight gain and various aches and pains in the second and third trimester. But what about the side-effects no one (or very few) talks about? In this article, we’re going to cover some of these symptoms and pregnancy side-effects that are quite unusual – so much so, that most women don’t even think about them until they start to show or develop.

Pregnancy Heartburn

One of the most common symptoms that pregnant women experience is pregnancy heartburn. This happens due to the hormonal influence of progesterone. The reason why this hormone leads to this condition is connected to the fact that it also delays the stomach from emptying, among other things.

Breasts Start to Get Bigger and Fuller During Pregnancy

This is something that many women actually know – that their breast will get bigger and fuller. But what they don’t know is that pregnancy will also change other things about their breasts: nipples and areola will darken, there are going to be small raised bumps on the areola, and you can also expect to see purple veins under the skin more prominently. This happens due to increased blood flow in your body (as well as your breasts).

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Hair and Nails Grow Faster and Stronger

Most women also report that their nails and hair grow faster and stronger during pregnancy. The main reason why this (temporary) change happens is also connected to an increased blood volume and heightened estrogen levels. Because you have more estrogen in your body, the additional blood brings more nutrients to hair follicles.

Dental Problems

If the previous two symptoms were something you were looking forward to then this one will definitely leave you a little bit worried. Many women also experience dental problems during pregnancy. There’s a higher risk of gum disease and tooth decay when a woman is expecting, but this is something that can be easily handled with the right professional help – like the one that Penrith Dental Clinic provides. Potential dental problems shouldn’t scare you away from being pregnant, as these symptoms can be easily treated if you don’t ignore them.

Lightheadedness or Dizziness

If you feel like the room is spinning from time to time, it may be one of the first signs that you’re pregnant. This lightheadedness or dizziness usually happens during first trimester and it’s caused by lower blood pressure that’s common in pregnant women.


Another awkward and not so pleasant symptom of pregnancy is constipation. This can happen because of hormonal changes or prenatal vitamins that most women take. The fact that your digestive system slows down during pregnancy also doesn’t help.

False Periods

Not every woman will experience this, but around 25-40% of them will notice spotting early in pregnancy. This light bleeding is not a reason for concern, but if your bleeding gets heavier, you should immediately seek medical help.

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Flu-Like Symptoms

It’s not uncommon that some women start to occasionally feel flu-like symptoms. The reason behind is that pregnancy lowers woman’s immunity. You should talk to your physician before starting any therapy because both the illness and the therapy can be harmful to the baby.

Mood Swings

Constant mood swings are another unusual side effect of pregnancy. It’s not uncommon that women get weepy and emotional during this period. Like many things that we’ve mentioned in this article, this also happens due to hormonal changes.

Increased or Decreased Libido

Speaking of mood swings, it’s very likely that you’ll also experience increased or decreased libido during pregnancy. Some women report the first and some the latter, but what’s important to note is that all these things are natural and happen frequently, so there’s no need to excessively worry about these symptoms (if they’re moderate). 


All women go through a series of changes – both mental and physical – during pregnancy. Some of these symptoms are more common and often talked about, and some are not very well known. Experiencing these symptoms and conditions is quite normal, but we also recommend seeking professional help if you feel that things are getting out of hand and you can’t deal with them personally.