37 Fun and Unique Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Kids’ birthday parties are a great way to have fun and get creative. Kids are the most important part of any party. It’s their day, and they deserve to have fun! There are many things that you can do with your child on a day of celebration. There are a lot of different things to consider when you’re throwing a kid’s birthday party. From water balloon fights to noodle-limbo games. If you’re struggling with ideas for a birthday party that will keep them entertained then, look no further. Here are 37 fun and unique Kids Birthday Party Ideas that will keep all of your guests entertained.

2-year-old birthday party ideas

Throwing a child’s birthday party can be difficult sometimes for parents. It’s also important for parents to decide the party theme or party activities like a scavenger hunt, etc. If your child turns 2 then the below list is suitable for the perfect birthday celebrations:

1 Milk and cookies party:

For a two-year-old child’s birthday bash milk and cookies birthday parties are perfect. Usually, two-year-olds don’t have a specific taste, but they love to copy their parents. This means if mommy drinks coffee with her friends after dinner. The party’s theme can be red velvet cake and lattes. If dad likes chili dogs on game day, chili dog cupcakes are sure to please the little guests.

2 Ice-cream parties:

Ice cream parties are most popular among parenting celebrating ideas for birthdays. If in case you are in want of some inspiration for your kids birthday party, there isn’t any dearth to them. To make this one extra special. You could dye the ice cream with different colors and flavors. You may even add chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or cake batter to ice-cream cakes. You may also add frosting to ice cream for a cookie sandwich.

3 Bubble Party:

Bubble parties are perfect for 2-year-old birthday parties. It is a really good party theme and very popular at children’s parties. Bubble parties can be quite expensive to hire but well worth the money. It will keep your 2 years old entertained for hours and they will not even realize that they are having fun. Search around until you find a company that is offering package deals.

 4 Bounce house:

Whether helium or air bounce house, bouncy castles are fantastic for kids. Bounce houses are really good for both girls and boys. The bounce house will be an amazing addition to your kid’s party. This is because it keeps the children busy.

It should be set up next to the place where you have all of the food and cake. There will probably be a lot of hungry kids who just want some food. A good number of companies will allow you to rent more than one bounce house so have a look around.

5 Paint Party:

There’s nothing quite like seeing your child express themselves through art. Your child can make a mark of their hand with mud and colors. Imaginative art play can also be a great way for your child to learn about the world around them. And being able to show off their work at their next birthday party. This is perfect to throw a bash for your kid. You could go as far as supplying the paint or providing a theme like animals or flowers. With this, you are all set to have a paint party that your child will love.

6 Garden Parties:

A Garden party is the best way to spend time with your child. Just do some kite flying, play hide-and-seek, make obstacle courses. If you are celebrating at home, then you can do the painting in your garden or lawn.  Garden parties are also loved by kids. Let the kids pick their favorite color of balloons and fill them up. You can also gift any backyard party games for more fun to your two-year-old child.

7 Playground park party:

Playground park party is one of the most popular among kids. This means that there will be plenty of 2-year-olds who would love to have a party. Finding an amazing company should not be too difficult. But make sure that they are willing to provide you with everything that you need for the party. Make meals plans for other children at the park and enjoy the bash of your kid’s second birthday.

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8 Ballon Party:

Ballon parties are a great idea if you want to get the kids more active. This means that they will have an interest in playing with their friends. Balloons make everyone happy and turn even the shyest child into a social butterfly. This idea for your birthday boy or girl makes their special day perfect ever.


3-year-old birthday party ideas

Look below for more attractive and fun ideas for a 3-year-old kid’s birthday bash.

1 Fire-Fighter birthday party:

Every little boy wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. This is one of the best birthday party ideas to make your son’s dream come true. Make huge signs like:   ‘Come and save our treehouse’ and hang them outside. After inviting all of his friends, make a large poster with all their names on it. Then use this poster to tell them where the party is. A birthday cake with candles will help you to get in the mood for kids’ birthday party, that’s for sure.

2 Pirate Birthday:

This party has a treasure map leading kids to the center of the pirate ship where they find buried treasure. To prepare the map, use a big piece of cardboard and paint it black. Let it dry overnight. On each point label a clue with something to find at that spot. Kids go from one point to another until they reach the center where the treasure hunt is found.

3 Unicorn Birthday Party:

Unicorns are everywhere these days so it is a good idea to incorporate this mythical creature into the party. Unicorns are in fact a girl’s best friend. The color scheme can be in pink and purple with a touch of white. Pink is a good choice since it is associated with little girls. One of the main things you want to focus on at this age was keeping things simple and easy. Planning for this birthday party did not take months, weeks did the trick.

4 Mermaid Birthday Party:

This birthday party is especially for baby girls. The decoration is containing images of mermaids. Mermaid birthday parties are really cute and inspiring. Paper fishnet for the walls, party hats with a string of pearls, seashells for decoration would be very attractive. You can select the colors you want for each item, including plates, napkins, and cups.

5 Dinasour-Themed Birthday Party:

A Dinosaur-themed birthday party is one of the most popular ideas for 3-year-olds. It can be indoor or outdoor depending on your plan and choice. Gather the children by playing different games which are related to dinosaurs. You may also prepare a puzzle game where you have to put all the pieces together in order to complete the big picture.

6 Truck Themed Birthday Party:

Children love trucks, and any party without one is always incomplete. A Truck-Themed Birthday Party will be your little boy’s dream come true! The colors of the truck-themed birthday party are red, yellow, blue, and green. Arrange for different kinds of trucks to be parked outside the venue. So that all guests can enjoy taking pictures with them. Serve truck-shaped cupcakes and cookies to delight your little guests.

7 Frozen-themed Birthday Party:

This is a very popular theme among little girls and can be the perfect party for your daughter! It’s very simple to turn this into a Frozen-themed kids birthday party. You can get several Elsa, Anna, or Olaf costumes from nearby clothing stores. And hire a makeup artist who will dress up as any character of your choice. You can even decorate your party area with Frozen-themed balloons, plates, cups, etc.

8 Outdoor “Drive-In” Movie Night:

An outdoor filmy night is a unique parties idea which you can have for your 3-year-old’s birthday. Prepare a projector along with a laptop or a TV and get a screen to project the images on. Preferably hung from the ceiling so that everyone has an equal view of the screen. And you can just get a projector and set them up outside your house and watch a movie with all your guests.

9 Tea party Birthday:

Why not plan birthday parties that your guests will never forget? How about having a tea party for all the little girls attending your daughter’s birthday. Not only is it cute and girly, but also very practical. All you need to do is rent out a room from a nearby hotel or restaurant. So when the children are there, you can just let them play and enjoy the party.

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4-year-old birthday party ideas

Some attractive and funny ideas for (4-year-old) younger kids’ birthday parties. And the ideas are:

1 Frosty the Snowman:

For kids’ entertainment, Frosty the Snowman themes parties are best. For decorating, cake put frosting around it to give an effect that it’s snowing indoors. You can celebrate this with your family and friends. Actually, this theme was invented in the US Army where they would let their kids celebrate Christmas.

2 Harry Potter Themed parties:

This type of birthday event is most popular in the US. And it’s not a surprise since the book and movie series about an orphan. Who discovers he is a wizard in the magical world of Hogwarts. In fact, 4-year-old birthday event ideas often take inspiration from “Harry Potter” because of its sheer popularity. You can decorate your home with your family for your child’s special day.

3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party:

Ninja Turtles are another popular 4-year-old birthday party idea. Especially among older kids. And even more so on the east coast of the USA. Which the children may enjoy playing with, especially if they prefer to play outside. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are four mutant turtles created by mutation. Through exposure to a strange glowing ooze.

4 Soft play centers escape room party:

This is the trendiest 4-year-old birthday party idea in the UK. While it may cost more than other 4-year-old birthday party ideas. It will definitely be a memorable experience for both parents and children. If you going with this idea we assure you won’t regret it.

5 Crafts/Hobbies Time:

There’s nothing quite like seeing your child express themselves through art. Imaginative art play can also be a great way for your child to learn about the world around them. And being able to show off their work at their next birthday party. This is perfect to throw a bash for your kid.

6 Dress-up parties:

Another great way to let your child show off their creative side is through a dress-up party. Letting them dress up as a particular character, or creating one of their own allows them to express themselves and can be a great learning experience.

7 DIY Upscale Princess Party:

This type of event has been popular in the northern parts of Europe, like Sweden and Finland. In the last few years, princess-themed events have become less popular in these areas. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you want to host affordable 4-year-old birthday party ideas.

8 Mickey Mouse themed parties:

Disney theme party is one of the most popular kid birthdays subjects. There are plenty of different Mickey Mouse-themed party ideas available. As well as Disney birthday invitations, both as free printable and as custom made. For the 4-year-old kid, mickey mouse decoration is a pretty good choice.

9 Board games party:

Board games are a great way for helping children develop their skills. Such as logic, memory, concentration, imagination, and creativity. If you’re having an indoor party then what better way to keep guests entertained than with a board game. This is the best way to recognize your child’s birthday parties.

5-year-old birthday party ideas

Find birthday party ideas for 5-year-old age groups. While maintaining the social distancing between the small group of your child’s school friends.

1 Pool Party:

A pool party for a 5-year-old can be as creative as you want it to be. Your 5-year-old will love it if you set up all the decorations around the pool. Balloons, streamers, and even a piñata can make an appearance at this party. This is great for children who are too young to enjoy a birthday bash. It’s easy to implement and everyone will have a blast in the pool.

2 Wild Party:

To celebrate your kids’ big day, you can go with the idea of Wild function themed. Go on a safari cruise, have animal masks and wear some wild clothes. Another interesting idea is to have a Wild birthday bash for the birthday event. Kids can wear some animal masks and paint their faces with some beautiful colors. Some kids enjoy making paper houses, so you can play this game at the end of the party.

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3 SuperHero Party:

Superhero birthday-themed plans are always popular among boys. Dress up in capes and masks, make your birthday boy feel extra special, let the kids play superhero games. From Spiderman to Superman, Superhero parties are great fun for the birthday kid and can be found easily. This is a fun way to throw or celebrate you kids birthday party with

4 Baby Shark Parties:

This is the simplest way to celebrate a birthday. And if you are celebrating it with your very young kid. Then just have some cake and other fun snacks that will keep them busy for few hours. Buy only black color balloons (12-14 pieces). You can use multi-colored balloons but the black-colored balloon is a must. Some party poppers too for blowing the balloons to pieces.

5 Garden Parties:

A Garden party is the best way to spend time with your child. Just do some kite flying, play hide-and-seek, make obstacle courses. If you are celebrating at home, then you can do the painting in your garden or lawn.  Garden parties are also loved by kids. Let the kids pick their favorite color of balloons and fill them up. You can also gift any backyard party games for more fun.

6 Pizza Party:

This one is perfect for children who love pizza. Have an outdoor party in the summer with lots of sun and pizza. You can even make your own mini pizzas or have them create it themselves. Add some instant carnival games to keep kids busy while they wait for their food to cook.  In the winter, have a pizza and movie party in your basement or living room. This one is perfect for kids who love pizza and need a day indoors

7 Sports Party:

Add a few outdoor games for the kids to play. It will be an easy and inexpensive party. Also, it’s important to consider the weather and make sure your party area is covered in case of rain. Invite the neighborhood kids to play your son’s favorite sport. You can play, too, and get in shape while having fun. Get some snacks and drinks ready, and let the games begin.

8 Luau Party:

For this party, you will need tiki torches, decorations, and a small kiddie pool. You can also have a real luau with a roasted pig if your budget allows it. Ask your guests to come in their favorite island attire. You can all turn up the heat with a few songs by Don Ho. This is an extremely fun party that all of the neighborhood kids will love.

9 Lego Parties:

Invite the children in your block to a Lego Party. Let them create whatever they want out of the blocks and then eat cake, ice cream, or snacks. You can even add a small sprinkler for them to run through. They will all have a blast; it’s hard not to with Legos. You can gift your kid paper bag puppets or goodie bags for a huge hit of a birthday bash.

10 Olympics parties:

This is a fun idea that can involve the whole family. Get some cheap patriotic decorations and have an Olympics-style relay race. Let each child participate in at least one event, even if they’re too young to understand the rules of the game. Pick events that are simple enough so everyone can do it. This is best for your child’s entertainment and you also click some family photos.

The Conclusion:

Whether you’re looking for something creative or traditional. There’s a birthday party idea here that will fit the bill. From simple to extravagant, we’ve got it all covered in this article. Fun and unique kids’ birthday parties ideas don’t have to be hard. All you need is a little creativity, some time to plan ahead.

And the willingness to do something different from your usual routine. When it comes to planning for children’s birthdays. As we’ve shown in this blog post with 37 fun and unique kids’ birthday parties ideas. There are more than enough options out there that will make any child feel like they’re celebrating their special day, respectively.