How to choose the best Pediatric Ophthalmologist for your child

The most important organs of sense are our eyes. Eye care is the main part of your child’s overall health. Every child should have their eyes checked at regular intervals. When your child’s paediatrician find out some vision problems or shows symptoms of eye trouble in your child’s eyes, then he or she suggests you visit a child eye doctor for an eye check-up. Seeing a child eye doctor or pediatric ophthalmologists regularly is an important part of keeping your child healthy.

What is a Pediatric Ophthalmologist?

Pediatric ophthalmologists are medical doctors who are qualified to perform complex eye surgery and managing the various ocular diseases that affect children. Pediatric ophthalmologist specialist treats a variety of eye disorders including strabismus, retinopathy of premature infants, ocular etc. Ophthalmologists can give routine eye exams, prescribe contacts and glasses, diagnose and treat eye diseases. When your child has an eye problem and having difficulty with a vision screening exam or has trouble at the time of reading or learning, then you should visit the best pediatric ophthalmologist for the right treatment.

5 way to choose Best Pediatric Ophthalmologist

There are some important things to consider when choosing the best child eye doctor for your child. Selecting an eye doctor for yourself can be critical that you choose one that can handle the issue your child is facing. Here find some tips to choose the Best Pediatric Ophthalmologist.

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1. Choose an Experienced Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Lack of knowledge may provide you with wrong eye treatment, which you won’t want to take any risk for your kid’s eyes. So before visiting a Pediatric Ophthalmologist, do some research. Gather information about how they were treated.

2. Make Sure the Availability of Doctor

Shortlist the doctor with the hours and locations that suit your lifestyle. Search the pediatric ophthalmologist near me and take an appointment. Some doctor also available in weekend and evening appointments, which can be the right time for working parent to visit.

3. Go for a Recommended Child Eye Doctor

You could ask your co-workers, friends and family members to suggest the best Child Eye Doctor if they experienced the treatment of the before child eye doctor. They recommend you.

4. Be sure to see the Right one

There are different types of eye care professionals. There are eye doctors with separate speciality areas. If you find yourself in a difficult situation about who should be the best for your child, it will be better you learn about the major types of eye doctor first. Child eye doctors are of three categories i.e.

1. Optometrists are primary healthcare professionals for the eye. They can examine, diagnose, treat and manage diseases, injuries and disorders of the visual system.
2. Ophthalmologists are the eye doctor who has licensed to diagnose and treat all eye diseases, as well as perform surgery.
3. Opticians are a technician who can fit frames and lenses which have been prescribed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist to correct the patient’s vision.
So choose the right eye category doctor as per the condition of the eye diseases.

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5. You should feel Comfortable

You should feel comfortable about the pediatric ophthalmologist specialist you have selected. Observe in your first meeting to the doctor. Make sure the eye doctor pay special attention. After you choose the doctor, then contact your insurance company. And ask them whether the eye care treatment covered under your plan.

Why Does Your Child Need an Ophthalmologist?

Basically, most of us think that eye check is only for adults. It has been seen that eye diseases affect an adult. But these eye problems can be treated easily if diagnosed early. Some conditions like tear duct problem, nearsightedness or farsightedness and droopy lids may start from the infant age. So children should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age then at age 3. And at the age of 5 or 6. School-aged children should have an eye test at least every two years if no vision correction is required. Only a pediatric eye doctor is the best solution for such issues. Then your child needs an Ophthalmologist.

Which Eye Conditions treat by Pediatric Ophthalmologist?

A Pediatric Ophthalmologist treats various eye problems. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to maintaining your child’s eye health. There are many eye conditions and diseases treated by the Pediatric Ophthalmologist. Some are listed below:

  • Birth defects affecting the eyes
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Diplopia (double vision)
  • Chalazion – looks like a small lump on the eyelid.
  • Blocked Tear Duct – causing a watery, irritated or chronically infected eye.
  • Aphakia: The eye does not have a natural lens.
  • Ptosis: One of the child’s eyelids droop.
  • Strabismus: The eyes are misaligned.
  • Retinopathy of prematurity: Abnormal blood vessel growth occurs in the retina.
  • Eye trauma: Any injury to the eye area can result in trauma
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Finally, parents should figure out if the child is having any problems with vision. If your child has eye health issues, then you want to ensure you are choosing a pediatric ophthalmologist who will provide your child with the best care possible. Do some homework to select the right professional for your child’s situation. Eye exams for children are very important to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy. So do child eye check-up on a regular basis.