Nine Self Defense Weapons Every Mom Needs At Home

When you’re at home with your family, the last thing you want to worry about is your safety. While a happy and peaceful life with your family is all you want, you never know when you may need to face burglars inside on your own. Home burglary statistics suggest that most of them occur while there are occupants and only a few when the house is empty. Not everyone is comfortable enough to own and use a lethal weapon as self-defense, such as a gun; the thought of killing someone is simply traumatic.

There are other non-lethal weapons you can use instead of a firearm; however, they differ in shapes and sizes, and all serve a purpose to help keep you secure and safe in a home. One of the most significant advantages of using non-lethal weapons as self-defense is that your family, property, and yourself are safe without causing fatal harm.

Without a doubt, using a gun during a violent home invasion could end the situation instantly, but carrying the conscience of killing stays with you for life; whereas, using a pepper spray gun may have the same effect, dismantling the burglar. Here are a few non-lethal self-defense weapons

1. Self Defense Keychain

Although staying as far away from the burglar as possible seems like the safest thing to do, sometimes in this circumstance, your safest bet is to be up close and personal. When you’re this close to an intruder, a self-defense keychain comes in handy. To use this device, wrap your fingers around it and bold your fist; focus on striking the intruder’s pressure point to cause enough harm. A keychain won’t let you down, especially when you need it most; all you need to do is get close enough.

2. Crossfire Pepper Gel Spray

A pepper spray is one of the most reliable and trusted non-lethal weapons and is often used by law enforcement personnel and the military. The purpose of pepper spray is to incapacitate assailants by temporarily blinding them and give you the chance to restrain them and wait for law enforcement to arrive. There are a few versions of pepper sprays, but the gel spray features a potent burn, lasts for 18 bursts, fires up to 18 feet, and has about four years.

3. A Baseball Bat

Over numerous movies, we’ve seen the baseball bat used as a means of self-defense or a weapon used to smash objects. Although a baseball bat is designed to hit balls for home runs in baseball, it still offers a sense of security in the unfortunate event of an unwanted burglar visit. Baseball bats come in different lengths, shapes, and sizes, not only for the sport but now as a blunt weapon. A perfect strike on the intruder’s head or any of their vulnerable spots can have them turning around and running for the woods.

4. Streetwise Stun Baton

If you’ve never been electrocuted, do yourself a favor and search for videos where people experience the unpleasant shock of being electrocuted. Even the lowest amount of voltage is undesirable and effective enough to put a large, grown attacker down. A Streetwise Stun Baton down not only looks painful looking at it but instead carries an enormous amount of voltage through it, producing a rattling shock.

The shocking sound and visible voltage play a psychological effect on many occasions, turning the attacker the other way. This weapon makes a great self-defense weapon in your home, and if you have to use it as a blunt instrument, you could cause severe damage to the burglar.

5. Pro Tactical Flashlight

Having a Pro Tactical Flashlight is as good as having one of the mentioned instruments in this article, with a few unique values as a self-defense weapon. This double threat weapon has up to 2,100 lumens, so bright that it will temporarily impair the intruder’s sight, even through sunglasses, if that’s the case.

Upon flashing and disorientating the attacker, the flashlight is designed in lightweight aluminum, toothed with a metal bezel, which can be used as a blunt striking weapon against the intruder. The flashlight is portable enough to take it anywhere you go and stay protected in the street.

6. Bean Bag Gun

A bean bag gun is one of those non-lethal weapons effectively utilized by law enforcement and military personnel. However, the situation can turn lethal when used with accuracy, striking vulnerable body parts like the face and neck. Discharging a bean bag gun sends a bag at a range of 135 feet, large enough to knock a large male out. In a home scenario, you would discharge this weapon outside and hopefully within a safe range to knock out the attacker or turn them around running before discharge.

7. Pepper Spray Gun

A pepper spray gun is a tremendous non-lethal self-defense weapon. However, in the eyes of an intruder, this device looks like a genuine firearm and should scare them off before they get close enough to harm you. Should this not scare them away, use the weapon the way it was intended, by discharging pepper spray, and many of them come with a few tear gas rounds.

This weapon is so effective, when triggered, it has a range of 150-feet, at 320 feet per second, giving the intruder no chance to escape it at the moment. A pepper spray gun is primarily used by law enforcement personnel to keep order; it causes pain, temporary blindness, and respiratory distress to attackers within range.

8. Taser Pulse and Stun Gun

Another effective, non-lethal self-defense weapon that moms at home should consider is an electric stun gun. Over the years, taser pulse stun guns have improved with technology and security features; not only is it safe to use, but the latest technology also has an emergency alert to the police and security units upon weapon discharge, giving the exact location.

An electric stun gun discharges electric voltage enough to disable an assailant for approximately 15 seconds at a time, so you’d want to keep your finger on the trigger to keep them halted.

9. Adopt a Guard Dog

Dogs are the most common security in many homes. However, they are also known as “man’s best friend.” In the event of a break-in, dogs serve a few essential roles; from the moment it detects unfamiliar movements in your home, it will bark, alarming the intruder of its presence, neighbors, and yourself should you be home.

If that alert does not scare the intruder away, dogs can be trained to attack strangers in their territory, and that should keep them from continuing their break-in mission. Although this shouldn’t be the reason for adopting a dog, look after it as much as it protects you and your property.

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