Tips For Being More Rested At Work

In This Article1. Determine your values and create your personal mission statement.2. Create realistic expectations…

1. Determine your values and create your personal mission statement.

If you have not yet written this down, I strongly encourage that you do it. Just doing this will make it easier to answer the question of whether or not you should continue to work or rest. For example, if your family is what your values revolve around and you are missing tee-ball games because you are working 12 hours per day, then you are not living your life according to your values. Of course, I understand that you are working to give a better life to your family, but many years from now when your eulogy is being given by your loved one, they will be talking about their memories, how you were always there for them, how you taught them important things, the way you made them feel. They will be holding onto those memories; so make sure you are there so these memories can happen.

2. Create realistic expectations and to-do lists.

Make sure your to-do list is focused on things that need to be done on that specific day. Before you start working, set your expectations in terms of what you would consider a “successful day” based on what you accomplish or complete.

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3. Make a deadline for yourself.

If you don’t have a cut-off time for getting the work done then you will either work non-stop or you will get distracted all day long since you don’t have a time crunch. Having a deadline line will ensure that you work more efficiently and do the things that are most important first.

4. Determine what is non-negotiate in your life.

Whether that means having 15 minutes set aside every day to meditate or read, working out on specific days, being home by dinner time, or taking your children to school every day, set limits so that less important things and work do not take over.

5. Be strict with your time.

Remember that you only have so much of it. When you say “yes” to something then you are “saying” no to another thing. When you say “yes” to work that is saying “no” to your family or yourself. Give your time to the people who really deserve it, and be here right there in the moment when you do give it – and not working.

6. The greatest asset you have is yourself.

No business or work would get done without you. You only have one mind and one body. Be sure to take care of them properly. Make sure you get enough sleep, lack of sleep is your worst enemy, check out these Saatva mattress reviews and consider an upgrade. Running your body down every day and not taking the time to recharge will result in long-term health problems. You keep your phone charge and know what your car needs maintenance or it will eventually stop working. The same is true for you.

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