Necktie 101: The Major Difference between Tie Bars and Tie Clips

Alright, let’s talk about tie bars and tie clips. Have you ever heard about these terms? If you are a guy that loves wearing suits with a tie, you might have surely heard about tie clips and tie bars. But do you know when to wear this? How to wear this? And what are the different types?

If you are aware of the clips, you can head to as they offer designer tie clips for sale. Go and check it now! However, if you are unaware of the different tie clips and tie bars, this article is specially curated for you.

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The difference between tie clip and tie bar

Upon seeing tie clips and tie bars, they look almost similar; they are both made of metal and they are  horizontal. They even look like a bar and are available in all shapes, sizes, metals, and enamels. However, what’s not common is that the tie clip opens like a jaw using a spring mechanism while the tie bar slides over the tie and shirt.

The most important rule of thumb while selecting a tie clip or bar is it shouldn’t be longer than the width of your tie. Keep it around 3/4 the width of your tie. Here is a useful guide that will help you better understand:\

Tie width                                   Tie bar or tie clip width

Standard (approx 3.25”)           1.75”-2.25”
Narrow (2.35”-2.9”)                   1.5”
Skinny (less than 2”)                 1”- 1.25”

Reason for wearing tie clips and bars

Keep the Tie Knots Perfect

The tie bar or tie clip helps the tie knots to stay in place.

1. Keeps your tie clean and crisp

As mentioned before, wearing a tie clip or bar ensures your tie is in place.  When you bend, the tie is suspended and it carries the risk of touching the ground, thereby collecting dirt and dust. Here, a tie clip and tie bar will keep the tie tucked in and prevent it from getting dirty.

2. A great piece of decoration

Tie clips and bars are available in various shapes, colors, and styles. This can help you in adding an appealing touch to your outfit. You can get some tie clips for sale from

Easy fix for men with uneven shoulders

You might be wondering how a small piece of metal can fix a man’s uneven shoulder, right? The answer is, ‘it can’t,’ but it can help a crooked tie stay straight because of the uneven shoulders.

Now the big question is, what are tie bars?

It was the Victorian era when tie bars were first introduced. At that time, tie bars were used to keep the tie down so it couldn’t fly with strong gusts of wind or fall into the soup. The problem with the early tie bars was they used to penetrate the neckwear, leaving holes.

After some changes, the second version, the spring-loaded tie bar, was born during the 1900s, and then came the simpler slide versions of the tie bar, which are still in use.

Why wear a tie bar

You can wear tie bars to keep your tie in place as they will hold the tie to the shirt’s front placket.

Tie Bar Materials

Back then, tie bars were only made in gold and silver but today, you can get it in a variety of materials and shapes. The silver tie bar pairs best with almost every tie, while the gold one looks good with darker shades or solid-colored ties.

What is a tie clip?

Unlike a tie bar, a tie clip is spring-loaded and serves the same purpose as a tie bar. It is also used to prevent the tie from swinging, giving you a crisp and clean look.

Where can you position your tie clip?

The tie clip should be positioned around the middle of your sternum between your shirt’s third and fourth buttons. It should be attached from the right side to lock your tie with a shirt placket. Remember that if the tie clip is positioned too high, it will not hold your tie down and  it will keep dipping in your food. If it is positioned too low, it will look silly.

Finishing up

Whatever you choose between tie clips or tie bars, there are certain things that you need to consider:

  • Select thin tie clips for skinny ties and the large ones for the wide ties.
  • Keep the tie clips and bars sleek and minimal for formal outfits.
  • Try experimenting with different tie clips and tie bars that show your personality when wearing smart casuals.
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