How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Laser hair removal is permanent hair removal method that uses Laser beam light to focus on the individual hair follicles under the skin. However, the hair may grow, if hair follicle not damaged.

Hair grows in numbers of growth cycles that includes anagen, catagen, and telogen. Each phase has specific factors that determine the length and quality of hair. The first phase is the anagen, a growth phase where hair grows about 1cm in the papilla and lost in 5-6 years. About 80%-90% of hairs last in the anagen phase. Whereas the catagen phase allows the follicle to regrow itself. Once the anagen phase stopped the catagen phase starts. With the end of catagen, telogen phase starts. It is a shedding phase, in which damage hair shed and store hairs for the growth purpose.

With laser lights, the hair generally removes which are in the resting phase, anagen. This further will not visible in the skin for a long time. For people, usually, 2-4 sessions are being performed for superb results.

Does laser hair removal permanent?

The person who undergoes to laser hair removal method can expect permanent hair removal. After all the lasers destroyed the hair follicles. However, some hairs can grow back after a time once hair follicles retrieved. In some cases it is permanent. It mostly depends On various factors such as hair type, skin, and expertise of a person who performed the treatment.

Some people have noticed lighter hair growth as compared it was. It is because the hair follicles are damaged, not destroyed. If hair regrows, it is possible to perform sessions and get rid of hair once again.

How long it will last?

Some hair may eventually regrow even then. While “permanent” removal of the laser hair is a misnomer, you can assume a significant decrease in hair after six to eight treatments. Any relapse can be managed every six to 12 months with touch-up treatments.

If hair follicles only damaged, the hair eventually fries up in a short time. Hair growth depends on one’s hormones and growth cycle. Usually, people see the regrowth of hair after a few months of the treatment.
Whereas if hair follicles destroyed, a person will not see regrowth of hair.

Do types of hair matters while laser hair removal?

It is said that laser hair removal works best for the person who has dark hair and light complexion. This is because the pigment make easier for the laser to target hair follicles and destroy it. People with another skin complexion may need to perform multiple sessions of laser hair removing.

In research, it is proved that the higher quality lasers produce great results than of simple wavelengths. Remember the technician also plays an important role to get the finest results. Make sure to choose the best laser hair removal clinic for the best results.

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