Is Paint By Number Cheating?

As you might know, the paint by numbers technique was invented in the 1950s, and the reason behind this technique was just to teach people how to create art and help them learn the basics of painting, which is reasonable and is not cheating from any angle.

However, some of you might be concerned or confused about whether it’s cheating or not. Working on paint by numbers custom is all about tracing, which helps you learn how to paint. And tracing is not cheating. You are just copying someone else’s ideas and work, which is not considered cheating as long as you don’t take recognition for it.

However, copying has been in the art field since forever. You might have heard the quote “good artists copy, and great artists steal” by Pablo Picasso. But since the paint by numbers technique is not cheating. If something is helping you teach different things and sharpen your skills, then it’s not considered cheating.

Do people think that paint by numbers is cheating?

Not everyone’s an artist, and not every artist think the same way. The custom paint by numbers helps beginners learn painting and give them a place to start painting. Even if you think that paint by numbers is cheating, give two people the same personalized paint by numbers canvas and wait to see what happens.

Both of them will paint that canvas with different colors and in different ways, using their creative mind. It’s all about creativity and not cheating. There’s a reason why people call painting art.

Do artists consider paint by numbers as cheating?

People who are pro at painting and creating art do not work professionally on the custom paint by numbers but ask them they must’ve started to learn and grow from this unique technique.

Every artist has a creative mind, but to achieve that thinking of art and sharpen your skills, you always find ways to learn and paint by numbers is the best way to help you learn painting and its basics.

So, is paint by numbers technique just a way to cheat?

The answer is no. You don’t ask anyone to paint your personalized paint by numbers canvas. It’s just you, your hands, colors, brushes, the canvas, and maybe a cup of tea or any beverage you like the most; you are all doing it yourself using your creativity. Then how it’s cheating?

Moreover, the custom paint by numbers doesn’t even require tracing or asks you to paint from a photograph. The numbers are just there to help you learn where to start and where to end to help you learn and sharpen your skills.

Final words – where to get the best quality paint by numbers canvas?

Don’t ever think that the paint by numbers is cheating. If you have the urge to learn painting, just go for it. Get yourself a good quality personalized paint by numbers canvas from us and start painting yourself using your creative mind.
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