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IQ Baby: Groundbreaking New Book Lays Out Proven Blueprint for Conceiving an Intelligent Child. Hailed a “Handbook for Life’ Biggest Adventure!”

Masterfully crafted by a group of writers including a medical doctor, psychologist and IQ baby participant, ‘IQ Baby – Improve the IQ of Your Future Baby: Facts and Tips to Improve the IQ of Your Child, from Conception to School’ will help any future parent take control over the factors that will determine their baby’s intelligence. Through a process that begins before conception, readers will uncover what they need to do to prepare their own mind and body to thrive – and how to pass this along to their future child for a lifetime of emotional prosperity. Critics have come out in force to support the volume; the first of its kind on the market.

There is no parent out there who wouldn’t wish to conceive a child that is anything other than intelligent. By popular belief, this vital character trait appears to be a case of pot luck. However, one group of baby experts led by Gabriel Morales and Dr. Julie Harvard have recently joined forces to not only prove that parents can prepare for and control the factors that determine their child’s intelligence – but provide a step-by-step guide to putting everything into action.

Everything is unraveled in ‘IQ Baby – Improve the IQ of Your Future Baby: Facts and Tips to Improve the IQ of Your Child, from Conception to School’, the only book on the market with the sole goal of helping parents prepare to birth children with boundless IQs and emotional intelligence.


Child intelligence is determined many years before birth by educational backgrounds of parents. Parents need to know how to influence and stimulate in each step of baby brain development. Parents should also know and take control over the factors that determine their baby intelligence. This book teaches you facts and tips to improve your child IQ starting from conception until early school. 

Do you look for a book that can help you understand better of the process of pregnancy? Do you hope that you can have a baby with high intelligence and high IQ? Do you simply try to learn more about how to get pregnant easily and get through your pregnancy and baby delivery smoothly? 

This book of IQ Baby is right for you and will meet your needs. It is written by a group of professional writers including medical doctor, psychologist and IQ baby participant to offer you useful knowledge from multiple and reliable resources. It offers you step by step guides and meaningful images from getting pregnant, early and late stages of pregnancy, to baby delivery and post birth education, to guide you through one of the most important moments of life – to have a healthy and smart baby of your own.

To improve the general intelligence (IQ) and the emotional intelligence (self-esteem and confidence, EQ) in a baby, parents need to know how they can take each step to influence positively the development of their baby brain and other cells in the body. This book teaches you what to do with facts and easy tips, and step by step guides from the time before the conception happens until the early school age of your baby. The full coverage of the most important period of time in your baby brain growth in this book is exactly what you need. 

Childhood development is all about wiring the brain with the appropriate steps and methods through experience. Between conception and age three, a child brain undergoes an amazing amount of changes. At birth, it already has all the neurons it will ever have. It doubles in size in the first year, and by age three, it reaches 80 percent of its adult volume. So the more chances or opportunities you give your child, the more these connections will be built. 

Every single chapter of this book will guide you through all of the possible ways in daily life to stimulate the baby brain development, and to improve the basic components of his emotional intelligence (self-esteem and confidence, EQ) and general intelligence (IQ) by simply playing games and music, or simple and easy activities at home. Both EQ and IQ make up the complete intelligence of what your baby needs to become a healthy and smart cutie. 

Thousands of women out there want to have smart and healthy babies, but they do not even know what to do, and where to begin with. Your family doctor or physician will not be able to tell you about these knowledge and methods, because this is not their jobs, and are not included in their professional training. Medical doctors, including gynecologists, do not learn anything of these in their medical school years, because what they have learned is for fighting health problems and diseases, but not for assisting parents to have babies with high IQ! 

The rule #1 to have an intelligent baby is to have a good book to guide you step by step about what to do from the earliest time possible, as early as before your pregnancy. If you or your partner did not have chance to receive pregnancy and baby related education, you still have hope: you can just read carefully every chapter of this IQ Baby book, and try your best to follow the guides and instructions. Take a look, and you may fall in love with this fascinating and resourceful book!

“While of course it is not their fault, most parents are blissfully unaware that up to 80% of a child’s intelligence – both functionally and emotionally – is genetic. They instead believe it’s just luck of the draw,” explains California’s Dr. Julie Harvard, one of the book’s main contributors. “We’re out to show them that, just like their child’s behavior and temperament, they can directly control his/hers’ intelligence. Then we go one step further, to lay out an actual blueprint for pre-conception and post-birth activities that will ensure they raise a child prepared to take on the world with gusto.”

Continuing, “It’s important to get across that the book isn’t as complicated as its subject matter may first appear to be. We explain everything through dozens of summaries, diagrams and images, to ensure that the process is incredibly simple and able to be easily followed by anyone. There’s no reason why every parent and would-be parent shouldn’t have a copy of this book, as their child’s future prosperity and happiness literally depends on them reading it.”

Critics agree, leaving a slew of positive reviews. Georgia comments, “I would definitely recommend this guide to anyone who thinks that they want to have children in the future. Knowing how to raise an intelligent child is important as studies show that intelligent people tend to live longer and get better jobs. Congratulations to Gabriel Morales on a successful and interestingly informative handbook for life’s biggest adventure!”

Stephanie adds, “I wish we lived in a society that didn’t place so much value on IQ scores as well as scores on other standardized tests. But we don’t, and Gabriel Morales gives a ton of solid and easy-to-apply tips in his book “IQ Baby – Facts and Tips to Improve the IQ of Your Child, From Conception to School.” Every child is different, and Mr. Morales does a great job giving facts and tips that can improve the IQ of different types of children. I highly recommend “IQ Baby” and hope to read more educational books from Mr. Morales.”

‘IQ Baby – Improve the IQ of Your Future Baby: Facts and Tips to Improve the IQ of Your Child, from Conception to School’ is available now:
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About the Authors:

Dr. Julie Harvard is a recognized author with rich backgrounds of pediatrics, genetics, molecular biology, gene therapy, and many other fields. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Her rich backgrounds and professional knowledge give this book a solid basis. And when combined with her personal ideas and experiences, it produces a perfect book of guidance for any parent who wants to raise an intelligent child. Dr Harvard is the author of several academic articles and reports about pregnancy, children, pediatrics and genetics.

Gabriel Morales is a dedicated father with a bachelor degree in education and many years of teaching experience. He also has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. He lives in Barrie, ON. The idea of this IQ-Baby book was conceived when he was a college student and he was interested in the Jean Piaget’s theories about the nature of human intelligence. To Piaget, a Swiss child psychologist who wrote more than 60 books, cognitive development was a progressive reorganization of mental processes as a result of biological maturation and environmental experience. Piaget developed his cognitive theory by actually observing children, and some of those were his own children. During many years Gabriel, researched and deeply studied this topic. He also tested and applied the information offered in this book in his own son- with excellent results. In fact, at the age of 7, his son took the Stanford-Binnet IQ test, and he scored 135. He was also lucky enough to have Dr. Julie Harvard as his co-author to bring finally, his experiences and ideas from the past 20 years about how to prepare for and give birth to an IQ baby, to a written book based on her medical and scientific backgrounds and professional knowledge.

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