Instances When You Might Need a Georgia Injury Lawyer For Your Child

Mothers would do anything for their little ones. This is where the term “momma bear” comes from. You might see this side of defense come out when something harmful happens, or is about to happen to her baby. In most instances, just becoming angry with rage will not help the baby. If a mother can harness that internal fire and direct it properly, she can help to mitigate the situation. Of course, something terrible happening to our precious ones is not what we want to think about. However, as parents we always want to be prepared. Here are some instances to be aware of for when you might need to hire a Loganville, GA injury lawyer on behalf of your child.

On The Playground

  • Dog Bites- some dog owners are careless and prefer to keep their dogs off leash. Expecting that everyone around them knows how to behave around dogs. Some small children can quickly be in dangerous situations and become victims if a dog becomes provoked or feels in danger. Dogs can be unpredictable, their bites are serious and sometimes have devastating outcomes.
  • Faulty Equipment- playground equipment can become weathered, broken, or rusted over time. All of these are dangerous and can result in serious injury. Including cuts, gashes and broken bones.
  • Defective Sports Equipment- whether at school, sports practice or even at home, sports equipment can weaken over time and be dangerous even when used properly.
  • Slips and falls- something as simple as the sidewalk being unsafe in poor weather conditions is something that can be claimed. Public sidewalks should be up to code, safe and accessible for everyone, in any weather condition.

At Home

  • Faulty Car Seats- Car seats should hold up even in an accident. Their purpose is to keep a child safe and if they fail to do so, they are considered faulty.
  • Defective Airbags- it has been common that airbags have been recalled due to shrapnel or debris being found inside. This causes more harm than good.
  • Hoverboards and other battery operated toys- hoverboards can be dangerous for multiple reasons, two of them being due to falls, and the battery inside the board. Sometimes batteries can explode or leak and be very hazardous, toxic or flammable. If your child falls off a hoverboard, they can become severely injured.
  • Dangerous Toys- toys can become ingested or chewed apart. Oftentimes becoming choking hazards for little ones.
  • Baby products containing lead paint- many new parents become overwhelmed buying so many new baby products that they seek for a cheaper crib. If the crib has been painted with lead based paint, as they often are in the cheaper ones, the lead in the paint can be harmful if it is chipped off and ingested.
  • Flammable clothing- clothing that catches fire near a fire pit or candle or stove.
  • Automobile defects- this can become serious quickly if your car fails around other cars traveling at a high speed.

In Public

  • Medical Malpractice- it is important to leave a “paper trail” by going to the doctors for routine visits. If you have been seen regularly and something was missed by your doctor or they fail to diagnose you or dismiss your complaints and something were to be found, this is medical malpractice. All doctors are covered for this.
  • Contaminated food- any food bought at the store or ordered in a restaurant
  • Escalators and Elevators- these are supposed to be safe for all public use

Is a Loganville, GA injury lawyer right for you?

Accidents happen to adults all the time, however when a child has an accident, many chalk it up to “being a kid” and they are the ones that are blamed. Make sure you are being an advocate for your child. Chances are a Loganville, GA personal injury lawyer will be able to help you determine if you have a case. The reason why filing a claim with a lawyer would be a good idea, is because these lawyers will be able to help you financially. With accidents come high medical bills and missed days of work that these injury lawyers can help you get compensated for, and more.


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