How Can You Speed Up the Process of Getting a Divorce?

The process of getting a divorce can often be lengthy, emotionally draining, and financially burdensome. But there are strategies that can help you navigate your divorce more easily and move on towards rebuilding your life.

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In this blog post, we will explore practical tips and strategies that can speed up the process of getting a divorce. Whether it’s understanding your legal options, streamlining documentation, or embracing alternative dispute resolution methods, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started.

Learn More About The Timings of an Uncontested vs Contested Divorce

If you’re considering getting a divorce, it’s important to understand the difference in timings between an uncontested and a contested divorce. An uncontested divorce is typically quicker to finalize because both parties agree on all aspects of the settlement, such as child custody, asset division, and spousal support.

On the other hand, a contested divorce can take significantly longer to resolve as disagreements over these matters often require court intervention.

Before diving head first into this experience, you should consider how long a divorce takes to finalize and take the necessary measures to make the process easier and faster. Below we’ll look at some strategies that can help.

Determine The Aspects That Will Increase The Time and Cost Of Your Divorce

When navigating a divorce, it’s crucial to be aware of the aspects that can prolong the process and escalate costs.

Some common factors that can increase the time and expenses of a divorce include complex asset division, disputes over child custody arrangements, and disagreements regarding spousal support. For example, the average divorce takes 12 months to be finalized, but this time extends to 18 months if there is at least one issue that is contested.

Keep in mind that each case is unique, so it’s essential to consult with a family law attorney to understand how these factors might specifically apply to your situation.

5 Strategies to Speed Up The Process of Getting a Divorce

If you find yourself in a situation where you are looking to speed up the process of getting a divorce, there are several strategies worth considering. By implementing these five strategies, you can potentially reduce the time it takes to finalize your divorce and move forward with your life.

Keep Communication Open

From the beginning, prioritize clear and honest communication with your spouse. Try to have an amicable conversation about the key issues, such as the division of assets and child custody, and work towards finding mutually acceptable solutions. This can prevent unnecessary disputes and delays, including going through negotiations and trials.

Consider Mediation or Opt For a Collaborative Divorce

When looking to speed up your divorce, alternative resolution methods can help. Mediation involves working with a neutral third party who helps facilitate discussions and negotiations between you and your spouse, aiming to reach mutually agreed-upon decisions. This can save time by avoiding lengthy court battles and allowing you more control over the outcome.

Collaborative divorce, on the other hand, involves both spouses hiring their own attorneys but committing to resolving issues outside of court through negotiation and cooperation. By choosing these alternative dispute resolution methods, you can often expedite the process and focus on finding amicable solutions that work for both parties.

Keep Your Paperwork In Check

When going through a divorce, you’ll need to keep all of your paperwork in check and ready to be delivered to your attorney. To speed up the process, learn in advance about the information that will be needed and organize all necessary documents early on.

Some of the paperwork that you’ll need include financial records, bank statements, tax returns, property deeds, and any other relevant documents relating to your assets, obligations, or agreements. Having everything ready beforehand will help streamline the process and avoid delays that can occur due to incomplete or missing information.

Hire Experienced Legal Professionals

When going through a divorce, it is crucial to have experienced legal professionals by your side. Hiring skilled attorneys who specialize in family law can help expedite the process and ensure that your best interests are represented. These professionals have a thorough understanding of divorce laws and can navigate complex legal procedures with ease, saving you both time and stress.

When choosing a legal professional to represent you, be sure to find a person you are in harmony with, but you should also look at factors such as your needs, budget, and goals.

Manage Emotions Effectively

Divorce is an emotionally charged process, and managing your emotions effectively is critical to avoid impulsive decisions and prolonged disputes.

Although it’s completely normal to experience a range of intense feelings such as anger, sadness, and frustration, you should not feel alone in dealing with such distress. Aside from talking to friends and family members, you may want to consider choosing a family counselor, especially if kids are involved, as they can provide guidance and create a safe space for everyone to express their emotions.

Make Sure To Have The Right Partner By Your Side

Each separation is unique, and so are the dynamics of a family. So, while the strategies above are a great starting point, they may not be the right ones for everyone.

However, by fostering open communication, considering alternative dispute resolution methods, simplifying paperwork, hiring experienced professionals, and managing emotions effectively, you can increase the likelihood of a quicker divorce process and move forward with your life sooner. And, don’t forget that experienced professionals who can truly help you through your divorce are just a phone call away!

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