Considerations for Buying Log Cabins in the Smoky Mountains

For prime areas in the US like the Great Smoky Mountains, there’s probably no better feeling than being the owner of at least one of its many log cabins.

This gold mine is underestimated by many real estates because it’s in the woods, and “not worthy” of investment. What they forget is that statistics have shown 12 million tourists visited the Smoky Mountains in 2020 alone. Thus, a log cabin investment at such a site can bring a huge ROI.

There are lots of cheap smoky mountain cabins for sale, so you won’t have a fruitless search during your house-hunting process. Simply ensure you engage the services of a reputable local realtor with extensive knowledge of the log cabin market to help you find your ideal log home.

That said, before we delve into the major considerations you need to know before buying a log house in the Great Smokies, we’ll first explore why the Great Smoky Mountains is such a great investment location.

The ‘Smokies’

The Smoky Mountains or the Great Smoky mountains were set up by the government in 1934 to control the excessive logging that threatened the areas to extinction. The beautiful Smokies covers up to 500,000 acres and is simply breathtaking.

You can see different endangered animals and species including 1,500 plant species, 50 different types of fishes, and more than 200 types of flying birds. This population also accounts for the intense popularity of the park in the country. The park draws up to 12 million visitors per year.

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Besides the beautiful animals found inside the park much can be said about the cabins for sale in the Smoky Mountains, making it an ideal tourist destination spot.

Reasons to Consider the Log Cabins for Sale in the Smoky Mountains

As a real estate investor, you might want to consider log cabins for sale in Smoky Mountains, seeing as they have lots of benefits for you. With such a park projected to attract more tourists, it’d be best to own a piece of that beautiful park to be able to rent it out to tourists.

The Great Smokies attract millions of tourists every year and as long as the cabin is located inside the mountains, its investment potentials are always over the roof. Thus, owning Luxury log cabins for sale in the Smoky Mountains will always be a worthy investment that will bring back huge dividends.

Tip for Buying Log Cabins in the Smokies

Some of the log cabins for sale in Smoky Mountains NC are worth the investment, while others may cause you to regret the investment decision. Some tips to pick the top log cabins at a great price include:

Choice Location

Before you consider log cabins for sale in the Smoky Mountains, it’d be best to decide on a location first. Log cabins located in Tennessee, especially those found in areas including Sevierville and Gatlinburg are among the top choices for owning a personal log cabin.

That doesn’t mean other locations aren’t good options when making a log cabin investment. Consider checking out areas like Cherokee in North Carolina too. North Carolina attracts millions of tourists every year due to the Great Smokies and its beautiful beaches. Therefore,  it’s impossible to invest in an area that attracts millions of investors every year without getting a handsome ROI.

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Free Access to the Internet

Presently, people can’t function properly without the Internet. Thus, you’ll need to check whether the log cabin has access to Internet broadband because many tourists will need to be in constant contact with work and their loved ones.

If the log cabin doesn’t have Internet access but is still in a good location, it’s advisable to get a router installed for a fast Internet connection. However, some tourists who want to have a quiet stay away from work and family pressures might prefer a cabin with no Internet access.

Size of the Cabin

Consider the size of the cabin when buying it. There are lots of tourists who come as a family or group and may want to stay together. This should form the basis of you buying a log cabin. If possible, get a chain of log cabins that can cater to different types of tourists.

How to Take Care of Your Log Cabin Investment in the Smoky Mountains

For a log cabin purchased in the Smoky Mountains, it’s similar to getting a home in the city which will require extra care so that your investments don’t go down the drain. There will be bills to pay, utilities to take care of, facility managers to sort their wages and the rest. This means you’ll need to make your log cabin open to tourists.

Get a rental company involved that can manage your property, since the Smoky Mountains isn’t a place you may likely be staying at every day. They’ll be in charge of making reservations, advertising, taking care of the bills, and other important duties.

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Just like a normal house, before you consider log cabins for sale in the smoky mountains, go for log cabins that are almost new or were taken care of by the previous owners. This is important so that you don’t spend a fortune renovating the house. Tourists are particular about the cabins they’ll lay their heads on. So, be sure to put up a sparkling cabin that can serve as a home away from home.


Log cabins are some of the oldest forms of dwelling for humans. The peace of being in the woods, away from the deafening noise of the city, breathing in the fresh air, and surrounded by singing trees will always make the Smoky Mountains a choice destination for tourists.

There are lots of cheap log cabins in the park where you can invest and make money renting it out to strangers. This type of real estate investment is worth considering.

What’s more, your log cabin can always serve as your private getaway property whenever you’re tired of the city and its noise. You have a private haven and an investment property bringing passive income to you. What can be better than this?

Now that you’re setup with your log-abode, you might want to consider places you can visit for a change of pace. Just a few minutes away, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg has so much to offer. This link should get you started.