Men and Testosterone: Here Are Ways to Support a Man with Low Testosterone

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Testosterone is a vital hormone in men that plays vital roles like supporting sex drive, maintaining healthy weight and bones, increasing strength, and better sleep. Low testosterone levels in men can cause mood swings and low sex drive. Therefore, it can put a strain on your relationship. As a woman, you have to support your man when he has low testosterone since the issue affects not only the man but you too. Helping him can help maintain a healthy relationship. There is a common belief that low testosterone affects a man’s sexual drive and ability to get an erection. However, the issue also impacts other things like energy levels and mood. A man with low testosterone is likely to be anxious, irritable, and less energized.

If a man has a low sex drive, you may feel unwanted, frustrated, and confused. Your relationship might start to fail because of a lack of understanding. As long as both of you are committed to getting things to work, it is possible to solve the issue and have a healthy relationship. Furthermore, you can help your man gain self–confidence, sleep better, lose weight and improve muscle and bone health by finding ways to increase their low testosterone. The following are ways you can support him.

Understand the Situation

As the partner, you must understand what is going on and know how to act. Your man may be moody or irritable and may not know about it. So, acting out in such situations will only make things worse. So, understand what is happening and try to be there for him. You also need to understand that this is not your fault. So, don’t blame yourself or think your partner no longer finds you attractive. It is a temporary issue that will change with lifestyle changes and treatment.

Educate Yourself about Testosterone

Educating yourself on testosterone and how it impacts a man is also essential. An imbalance with the hormone means various health issues. Low testosterone in men is a health issue that comes with age or other health complications. It results in a lack of sex drive, inability to maintain an erection, weight gain, lack of strength, lack of sleep, mood swings, less energy, etc. Recognizing these symptoms can help you take suitable measures to rectify the issue.

Try Treatment

Testosterone treatment works for people who have been diagnosed with hormonal issues. If your partner has been diagnosed with low T-levels, accompany them to the doctor for help. The doctor will try various effective testosterone therapy methods to manage the problem. It is important to note that treatment does not work the same for everyone, so doctors will do their best to find a treatment that will work for his body. So he should give himself grace and patience as the specialist gets the perfect balance that works. There are numerous treatments, and as partners, you can choose to research together and understand each treatment available. Research will assist you to find ways in which you can support him as he undergoes therapy.

Encourage Him to Exercise

In addition to low testosterone treatments, exercise can work wonders in restoring balance. Encourage your partner to start exercising. Ask him to start small to keep their body active. You can also join them in the exercise and create a schedule. When he realizes that staying active and exercising will reverse some of these symptoms, it will encourage them to continue. Exercising will not only help improve testosterone levels but will also improve his overall health and keep his body fit.

Be Patient

Low testosterone treatments are effective. However, they are not abrupt and take some time to bring results. For example, it can take up to six months for their sex drive to improve. Therefore, you must be patient with them for this to work. Give everything time and find ways to cope with the issues. Ask him what he needs. Remind them to prioritize their health and let them know you want them to feel and be better.


Another way of being supportive and approaching this subject is communicating with him. Low testosterone can take a toll on both of you, which is why communication is paramount. Be open about everything and how the treatment is impacting your lives. Talk about your frustration, emotions, and the changes you can see. Talking things out will help come to the best solutions that will help deal with the issue for good. It will also help ensure the treatment is transforming your life.


These are ways you can support your partner with low testosterone. It can be challenging to cope with the changes. So, therapy may help. Establish open communication with your man and find the best treatment for low testosterone. Supporting him will keep your relationship intact and give him the boost he needs to improve.

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