Hearing Aid Discounts for Veterans

Hearing loss isn’t something that only normal and civilian people suffer from, veterans who have…

Hearing loss isn’t something that only normal and civilian people suffer from, veterans who have come back from military missions can also suffer from it too. In fact, hearing loss and tinnitus are the two most faced health conditions suffered by veterans. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 2.7 million veterans are affected by either hearing loss or tinnitus. In 2016, there were around 1.1 million recipients of disability compensation due to hearing loss, and the number was 1.6 million for tinnitus.

Not only that, veterans are around 30% more likely to suffer from hearing loss problems than other people. They suffer from hearing loss problems due to the numerous things they have to encounter throughout their missions. But as they fell victim to these problems while serving the great nation of the USA, the veterans affairs department helped them with getting the audiology service and treatment they needed, and that too at low costs and discounts.

The VA has contracts with many different hearing aid brands, so they manage to provide veterans with hearing aids at a discounted price, along with other benefits. Those brands came forward in order to help the heroes of the country that suffered from hearing loss. A veteran just has to meet the eligibility requirements for getting access to the hearing services of the VA.

Hearing Aid Offers and Discounts for Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affair works with the veterans that have hearing loss problems, and try to provide them with all the help they need. A veteran needs to fulfill the eligibility requirements for accessing the benefits provided by the VA.

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The VA provides hearing aids to the veterans with huge discounts, or at times for free. And they have collaborated with some of the major hearing aid manufacturers to do so, such as Oticon, Starkey, Phonak, GN ReSound, Widex, etc. Apart from providing hearing aids, VA medical clinics provide veterans with a wide range of hearing services, such as diagnostic testing and counseling.

The hearing aids VA provides are of really high quality as they are provided by some of the top brands. The veterans don’t have to worry about the quality of the hearing aids at all. For tinnitus, VA offers sound therapy and counseling, along with hearing aids. VA also provides cognitive behavior therapy classes.

Brands That Have Collaborated with VA

ReSound is one of the most prominent brands that provide premium hearing solutions for veterans of the country through VA clinics. They provide hearing aids with innovative technology and excellent sound that help the veterans deeply. Oticon does the same, as they have also collaborated with VA and provide hearing aids with impressive technology to veterans. They provide striking offers. Starkey is also among the proud partners of VA, as they provide hearing aids with superior quality and features to the veterans. There are also Widex, Phonak, etc.

Other Great Offers for the Veterans

Among other great offers, “American Hearing Benefits” provides all members of “Veterans Advantage” with a 20-30% discount on the actual retail price of all hearing aids. Only veterans can be a member of that organization. They provide this discount through a huge nationwide network of hearing professionals. With the 20-30% discount on the retail price, they also provide impressive warranties and 60-day trial periods for the hearing aids. They also provide free annual hearing consultations for the veterans and their family members.

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Also, veterans who choose to buy hearing aids and get other guidance and support regarding hearing loss from “hear.com”, will get a 20% discount on all hearing aids. They’ll also have to fulfill the eligibility requirements of VA.

Nano Hearing Aids also have a special offer. They are providing a special “buy 1 get 1” offer for their One of the most impressive hearing aids, Nano X2R. It is a great hearing aid with amazing sound quality and features.

Types of Hearing Problems Veterans Suffer From

Veterans suffer from normal hearing loss and tinnitus just like civilians, as their hearing ability gets damaged due to various reasons during missions. But they also suffer from hearing disorders that are only related to combat missions, and general people don’t experience that often. The types of hearing problems veterans suffer are-

Hearing Loss

Veterans suffer from hearing loss problems to various degrees, from mild to severe, and even profound at times. Hearing loss is more common among veterans than PTSD.


This is the second most prevalent health problem among veterans, as they tend to hear beeping or buzzing sounds in their ears after they come back from combat missions. This problem is often linked to anxiety or depression.

Blast Injuries

Veterans often suffer from hearing loss and other auditory disorders that are related to blast injuries from grenades, bombs, or other things. Hearing damage can still occur even if there’s no direct injury to the ears of a veteran.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

These can be caused by blasts, and a veteran can face problems like frequency modulation due to this. They might have a good hearing, but still have problems regarding understanding speeches.

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Auditory Processing Disorders

Veterans can often suffer from auditory processing disorders due to blast injuries, where they face problems in processing sounds and conversation, even without any physical damage to their ears.

Treatment Options for Veterans

If they suffer from normal hearing loss and tinnitus just like normal people due to damage to their hearing cells in the inner ears, the best solution to their problem is using hearing aids. Hearing aids are the most effective and popular treatment options for hearing loss and tinnitus. Hearing aids don’t only help to listen better and relieve tinnitus, they also help take care of one’s hearing health. Hearing aids make the life of a person with a hearing loss far more convenient and help them get on with their normal life. They can easily communicate with other people, and maintain their social life.

There are other treatment options such as medications, surgeries that can help with other hearing disorders. One can also go for cochlear implants in the case of profound hearing loss.

Final Words

It is important that veterans treat their hearing loss problems and take necessary measures for them. Many veterans feel reluctant to take any measures due to various reasons, but it later causes more problems in their personal and social lives. They also get exposed to many other physical and mental health problems.

So, different brands and organizations have come together to give the heroes of the country special offers and discounts regarding their hearing loss treatments, hearing aids, and other related help and support. The veterans must avail those so that they can have a better and convenient life.