Hair Follicle

What is Hair follicle?

A hair follicle is a dynamic organ part of the skin that grows hair by packing old cells together. This melanin is stored in hair follicle cells, which then determine the color of the hair. Follicles can lose their ability to produce melanin as you become old. It results in the growth of gray or white hair. This complex interaction induces the hair follicle to produce different types of hair. Kenogen is the phase between the empty hair follicle and the growth of new hair. The papilla is a large structure at the base of the hair follicle. Around the papilla is the hair matrix. The follicle is a tiny bundle of muscle fiber called the arrector pili. Hair follicle causing the follicle to protrude piloerection and a pore encased with skin oil.

Facts about Hair follicle

  1. A hair follicle grows hair by packing old cells together.
  2. The average growth rate of healthy hair follicles on the scalp is nearly 0.5 inches per month.
  3. The papilla is made up mainly of connective tissue and a capillary loop.
  4. A hair follicle is a stocking-like structure that contains cells and connective tissue.
  5. Hair follicles are made up of many different components like: Papilla, Germinal Matrix, Bulb, Bulge etc.
  6. The rate hair grows varies from person to person.
  7. Normal scalp hair follicles last approximately two to six years.
  8. hair stops growing and detaches from the hair follicle in the stage of Telogen.
  9. The hair begins to grow from the root.
  10. In 3-4 months The hair begins to grow from the root.
  11. In the Catagen (transitional) phase, the growth slows down and the follicle shrinks.
  12. Catagen (transitional) phase. The growth slows down and the follicle shrinks.
  13. A hair follicle drug test can determine patterns of illicit drug use or prescription medication.
  14. A person may need to undergo drug testing for employment, legal, or medical purposes.
  15. A hair follicle drug test can take place in a healthcare setting, a workplace, or at home.
  16. The results of a hair follicle drug test can be negative, positive, or inconclusive.
  17. Hair follicle drug tests can determine whether a person used to use certain substances within the past 3 months particular Trusted Source.
  18. Hair follicle tests provide a much larger window of detection than urine tests.
  19. Urine tests can detect more recent drug use, while hair follicle tests can identify regular, long-term drug use.
  20. Hair follicle tests an advantage over urine tests.
  21. Hair follicle testing involves an up to two-step testing process to reduce the risk of false positive results.
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